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jelkner!remind Time to recruit Lucky Member 7? 10 minutes (or more after meeting if needed)10:16
'Time to recruit Lucky Member 7? 10 minutes (or more after meeting if needed)' added to message queue10:16
Time to recruit Lucky Member 7? 10 minutes (or more after meeting if needed) (jelkner)10:16
Time to recruit Lucky Member 7? 10 minutes (or more after meeting if needed) (jelkner)10:17
jelkner!remind The way to build custom CMS widgets - go LibreOrganizer Team!10:17
'The way to build custom CMS widgets - go LibreOrganizer Team!' added to message queue10:17
Time to recruit Lucky Member 7? 10 minutes (or more after meeting if needed) (jelkner)10:18
The way to build custom CMS widgets - go LibreOrganizer Team! (jelkner)10:18
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ubuntouristACTION yawns, squints at the screen...11:23
ubuntourist'mornin', jelkner11:24
jelknermorning, ubuntourist 11:37
jelknerubuntourist, the CSC 205 class met yesterday, and i mentioned that once we reach the point of programming the Altair 8800, we'll invite you as a guest.12:00
jelknerThat won't be until late October at the earliest12:00
ubuntouristI did get my PDP-11 Assembler Made Painless converted from plain-text to reStructuredText. Probably won't help them, but it will let me review.12:02
ubuntouristAnd it's pretty now. ;-) (also available in PDF)12:03
ubuntouristIt's a bit silly, but I thought about seeing if the Altair 8800 manual could be converted too, with the help of good OCR.12:04
jelknerubuntourist, i wonder if copyright permits that?12:12
jelknerif it does, i would like to do it.12:13
jelkneri'm thinking not, though.12:13
jelknerand there is something cool about looking at the old typewriter font manual12:14
ubuntouristjelkner, Gah! I hadn't thought of that. (I forget that hoarders hold on to copyrights long after they're profitable.)12:14
jelknerit aligns with my "Rip Van Winkle" scenario12:14
ubuntourist♫ No phones, no lighs, no motor cars, not a single luxury. Like Robinson Caruso, it's primitive as can be. ♬♪12:16
jelknerok, ubuntourist, let me plan lessons, i have students coming ;-)12:18
jelknerbefore i go12:19
jelkneri added our conversation with nrcerna yesterday to the agenda for sunday12:19
Time to recruit Lucky Member 7? 10 minutes (or more after meeting if needed) (jelkner)12:19
The way to build custom CMS widgets - go LibreOrganizer Team! (jelkner)12:19
jelknerlater, ubuntourist 12:20
ubuntouristjelkner, I'll be at the "Worker Co-ops Around the World" breakout, as it's the one most likely to produce networking opportunities.16:41
ubuntouristjelkner, nrcerna, Shhhhowtime.17:06 (I think that was mentioned yesterday with regard to the SF students...) More a note to myself than anyone else.17:09
ubuntouristCheck out the worker benefits program @Roodline Volcy just mentioned! Open enrollment for dental and vision insurance for USFWC members starts October 1!
ubuntourist(The above: a quote from the Slack channel)17:16
ubuntouristHe really doesn't know how to be a host... ;-) Again today, Estaban talked way too long while "introducing" the keynotes.17:38
ubuntouristToday's video is / will be at for later watching.17:39
ubuntouristGuilded Project in DMV
ubuntouristYesterday's video
ubuntouristThe session I joined doesn't do bilingual for Linux users. Switched to different breakout.19:25
ubuntouristKind of randomly: Direct Care Worker Co-op.19:26
jelknerubuntourist, i'm now done with school, and will attend the closing session19:33
jelkneri just called dr. joe, but he is in a session and said we should talk after the closing session19:34
ubuntouristDifferent breakout, same problem,19:38
ubuntouristBut I guess I'll bail and wait for the interpreted versions later.19:39
ubuntouristWell. Looks like I'm not going to the closing either.20:41
jelknerWhat happened, ubuntourist?20:49
jelknerit's over20:49
jelknernow the party is starting20:49
ubuntouristWhen it started with the announcement about how to configure Zoom (for Windows or Mac, but not Linux) I bailed, having been through that twice before.20:50
jelkneri'm an old curmudgeon, no parties for me ;-)20:51
jelknerbtw., did you see that i put our agenda item for sunday?20:51
ubuntouristjelkner, I mean the closing remarks. The announcement about how to set your language doesn't work for Linux users. So both breakouts were a bit of a bust, and I didn't want to waste time on the closing being the same.20:52
jelkneralso, ubuntourist, did you see the email i sent to louie and natalia about sam's son?20:52
ubuntouristjelkner, new member, maybe, and CMS widhgets20:52
jelknernew member, hopefully20:53
jelknersince we need someone who can do what none of the rest of us can20:53
ubuntouristSaw the Dr. Joe reply. Not the Sam's son. Will look now.20:53
ubuntouristjelkner, Still not seeing it. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place...20:54
jelknerhold on20:54
jelknerlet me make sure i cc'd you20:54
jelkneri can summarize again here in any case20:54
jelkneri did cc you: Re: Following up on web design20:58
ubuntouristAh. Will look again.20:58
ubuntouristSorry. I saw it, but since I didn't know who Sam or son or anything else was, I put it on hold. Haven't followed the link, but 21:00
jelknerYou wouldn't have known it was important at all.21:00
jelknerwhich is why i'm mentioning it now.21:00
jelknerbelieve me, ubuntourist, i can't follow all these threads21:00
jelknerbut i thought you might want to know about this21:00
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ubuntouristjelkner, you may recall, I nominated Barry Warsaw for a pizzigati prize, and he got it.21:01
jelkneri don't recall that21:01
jelknermakes this even more of a coincidence21:01
ubuntouristFor Mailman.21:01
jelknerwow, i was thinking our goal should be to apply some day for LibreOrganize21:02
jelkneranyway, louie is taking this on21:02
jelknerand sam is Tony's father21:02
ubuntouristSo, I will go back and follow the links. I was going from conference to music lesson to conference. And tomorrow, National Day of Civic Hacking. Hence, more scattered than usual.21:03
jelknerdon't mean to distract you21:03
jelknershould i paste the links21:03
jelknerone was to the prize21:03
jelkneryou know about that21:03
ubuntouristjelkner, No worries. I don't mind. It's just that I'm slower than usual.21:04
jelknerthe other was just this:
jelknerread the short bio21:04
ubuntouristHad read it when I nominated Barry, who BTW, looks to have been the second winner of the prize. It was only a year old then. 21:06
jelknersmall world indeed21:07
jelkneri'll tell sam that i know the dude who nominated the 2nd prize winner21:07
ubuntouristI'd forgotten the bio, and at the time, CISPES would not have meant anything to me.21:07
jelknerbut it does now ;-)21:07
ubuntouristjelkner, yes.21:07
ubuntouristSo, the Dr. Joe thing. A scheduled call, or just "sometime this eve"?21:08
jelknerhe called21:08
jelknerwe had a nice chat21:08
jelknerto be continued21:08
jelknerthanks for making the connection!21:09
jelknerthere is nothing concrete for us to do at the moment21:09
jelknerbut he now is in the area21:09
jelknerwe talked about health care mostly21:09
jelknersince i read over his website21:09
jelknerwhen he was in richmond21:09
jelknerand he is very interested in the solidarity economy21:10
jelknerso there is an ever growing group of folks21:10
ubuntouristAlso, I'm losing track: Did I mention Ajoke ("ah-jock-eh") Williams and the Guilded project of USFWC? She's in MD.21:10
jelknerwhat is the Guilded project?21:10
jelknerthis is all a bit too overwhelming21:11
jelknerso your suggestion yesterday was brilliant21:11
jelkner...of course it was ;-)21:11
ubuntouristShe was one of the presenters in some panel. Based on a Belgian group. Aim is to "organize" freelancers as a sort of co-op.21:11
jelknerwe have a co-op21:11
jelknerwhat we need is business21:11
jelknerso let's reach out to biance21:12
jelknerwith the right member to guide us (lucky member 7)21:12
jelknerwe will go places!21:12
jelkneragaric has been soooo helpful in this21:12
jelknerbut we aren't at the revenue we need yet to keep edzon employed full time21:13
jelknerwe're getting closer21:13
ubuntouristjelkner, yes, I know we are a co-op. I guess it was more the fact that she's local-ish. She kept saying DC. She was a presenter. So someone "semi-important".21:13
jelknerbut we ain't there yet21:13
jelknerwe need to get everyone showing up at the same local party21:13
jelkneri'll go to that, even though i don't like parties21:14
jelknerokie dokie, my dear friend21:14
ubuntouristAnd we may know "freelancers" who aren't joining NWD. She's targeting artists, gig workers, and... independent drivers.21:14
jelknertoo many hours in front of a computer21:14
jelkneri need to get off21:14
jelkneri'll be back tomorrow21:14
ubuntouristI'll be doing hackathon.21:14
jelknersee you sunday21:15
ubuntouristRight. Later.21:15
jelknerACTION signs off...21:15

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