IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-09-28

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*-* nothing to see here *-*08:57
jelkner!remind Time to update our business plan (thoughts reflecting CISPES, AEA, and replaceafill)08:58
'Time to update our business plan (thoughts reflecting CISPES, AEA, and replaceafill)' added to message queue08:58
jelkner!remind Can we get voting to work at AEA?10:11
'Can we get voting to work at AEA?' added to message queue10:11
Time to update our business plan (thoughts reflecting CISPES, AEA, and replaceafill) (jelkner)10:11
Can we get voting to work at AEA? (jelkner)10:11
Time to update our business plan (thoughts reflecting CISPES, AEA, and replaceafill) (jelkner)10:46
Can we get voting to work at AEA? (jelkner)10:46
jelkner!remind Turning over gnucash upkeep, a task for Louis?10:46
'Turning over gnucash upkeep, a task for Louis?' added to message queue10:46
*** ubuntourist has joined #novawebdev10:51
jelknerGM, ubuntourist 10:52
ubuntouristACTION yawns10:52
jelkneryour the only other nova webster i'm ever likely to see at an hour like this ;-)10:52
ubuntouristjelkner, it's sad: Can't sleep, can't stay awake.10:53
jelknerthe best, most productive time of the day!10:53
ubuntouristNot for me.10:53
jelknersorry to hear that10:53
jelknergot email back from neto10:53
ubuntouristjelkner, BTW, I sent e-mail to the creator of the Altair simulator, and now there's a link on the page to the newly formatted manual.10:54
jelknerhe says, *yes*, we should proceed10:54
jelknernice, ubuntourist 10:54
jelknerokie dokie, i'm going to update our gnucash, and head over to acc10:54
jelknertalk to you later...10:54
ubuntouristjelkner, I still have the diagrams in Part 2 to complete10:54
jelknerACTION signs off10:55
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev11:43
jelknerping ubuntourist 11:53
ubuntouristJa? 11:53
jelkneri'm at school, testing a webcam11:54
jelknercould you start planning and see if i can join?11:54
ubuntouristOK. Hold a sec.11:54
ubuntouristjelkner, ready. Join.11:55
ubuntouristI hear you fine.11:58
ubuntouristI keep hearing you fine.11:58
*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev14:27
nrcernajelkner, ping15:22
jelknernrcerna: i'm at work, no time to talk15:37
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev16:57
jelknernrcerna, ping16:58
jelknermsirabella, ping16:58
nrcernapong, jelkner . Im in a meeting with Louie, zOnny and Sam. but I just wanted to know if you're having any issue to login on your NWD account?16:59
jelkneri haven't tried today16:59
jelknershould i?16:59
nrcernaI can not access, hopefully zOnny could help me with that.16:59
nrcernaplease, try. I need to know if is just in my end. jelkner 16:59
jelknerbtw. say hi to sam for me!16:59
jelknernrcerna, just logged in without incident17:01
nrcernaI dont know but I can not login :(17:04
*** SITarabuta has joined #novawebdev17:34
jelknernrcerna, SITarabuta is here17:44
jelknerperhaps he could help17:44
SITarabutabtw jelkner 17:44
nrcernazOnny helped me thanks jelkner17:44
jelknernrcerna, are you still meeting with sam?17:44
nrcernabut I have a question for you SITarabuta 17:44
SITarabutaI just got a letter and I got my SSN17:44
jelknernice, SITarabuta!17:44
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev17:44
jelknerSITarabuta, mjsir911 is here17:45
SITarabutaIt tooks like 1 month it was so fast. Damn I am happy17:45
SITarabutasure nrcerna 17:45
SITarabutaand yes jelkner, I am going to talk with mjsir911 17:45
jelknernrcerna, are you still meeting with sam?17:45
jelknercool, SITarabuta 17:45
SITarabutaof course, if you have time mjsir911 - I got a question about SchoolTool17:45
nrcernaYesterday Louie helped me to have BT local on my machine, I created "fake" partners, projects and accounts in order to create documentation without our partners data (as amounts,etc)17:46
nrcernaI created the invoice as well17:46
jelknernice, nrcerna!17:46
nrcernabut when I go to click it 17:46
nrcernaIt says :17:46
jelknerso nrcerna can we meet on planning?17:46
SITarabutayou get 500?17:46
nrcerna"The invoice template is not valid"17:47
SITarabutaright ;-) You need to upload a template for the invoice - there is an example one in the repository, or I can send you the one NWD uses17:47
jelknerah, the same error agaric got perhaps?17:47
SITarabutawith our address and stuff17:47
nrcernaCan you send me that please?17:47
SITarabutano jelkner - I think something else is going on there - they get a 50017:47
jelknernrcerna, SITarabuta, can we meet on planning?17:48
SITarabutaSITarabuta, sure, the NWD one?17:48
SITarabutayes jelkner 17:48
nrcernayes the NWD one please17:48
jelknerubuntourist, could you join us on planning?17:50
nrcernaI just upload the invoice and now is showing a 500 error SITarabuta  lol18:00
SITarabutaah shoot18:00
SITarabutawell not this is the same as agaric ;-)18:00
nrcernawhen I clicked on save 18:00
SITarabutai wonder why that's not on our instance...18:00
SITarabutaoh wait18:01
SITarabutawhen you clicked save?18:01
SITarabutathat means it might've not been set up properly18:01
SITarabutait might not have access to the directory where it is trying to save the file18:01
SITarabutais this on a server?18:02
SITarabutaor your computer18:02
nrcernaidk lol18:02
nrcernahold on18:02
nrcernaLouie, mentioned something about a local server18:03
nrcernasorry I'm so dumb with all dev, code stuff SITarabuta 18:03
SITarabutathat's all good nrcerna ;-)18:04
SITarabutawho deployed it?18:04
nrcernaI followed the instructions that Louie showd me on gitlab18:04
nrcernawe did it together 18:05
SITarabutaokay. let me see18:05
SITarabutaare you running Ubuntu?18:05
SITarabutaor Windows18:08
ubuntouristDamn. I didn't see the meeting thing until just now.18:56
ubuntouristSITarabuta, jelkner I just responded to a Susan request a few minutes ago and CC'd you both. Every few months she asks about PHP/Drupal application.19:01
ubuntouristSITarabuta, jelkner (No need to respond to me -- or her unless you want to. I'm just keeping you in the loop.)19:02
ubuntouristACTION goes back to ignoring IRC...19:03
jelknerACTION signs off for the day, only to return *early* tomorrow morning ;-)20:37

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