IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-10-28

*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev06:29
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*-* nothing to see here *-*09:39
jelkner!remind Revisiting time on LO calendar.09:39
'Revisiting time on LO calendar.' added to message queue09:39
jelknernrcerna, are you really here at this time?09:51
nrcernayes jelkner but sorry I was busy doing something else15:15
nrcerna!remind Old friend advice17:29
'Old friend advice' added to message queue17:29
nrcernaACTION AWAY18:28
nrcernaACTION Back19:48
nrcerna!remind Donate request form CJS22:51
'Donate request form CJS' added to message queue22:51
nrcernaACTION logs off for the day22:52
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev23:40
Revisiting time on LO calendar. (jelkner)23:40
Old friend advice (nrcerna)23:40
Donate request form CJS (nrcerna)23:40
jelkner!remind Looking long term to both El Salvador and Liberia23:41
'Looking long term to both El Salvador and Liberia' added to message queue23:41

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