IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2021-07-01

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LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!19:56
nrcernajust for the record,19:57
nrcernaItems added by Colombene for this thursday meeting:19:57
nrcerna1- Zulip organization19:57
nrcerna2- NWD website 19:58
nrcerna3- Tech co-op event planning 7/2919:58
nrcernaURL to the Meeting notes folder (NextCloud):19:59
nrcernalelkneralfaro, sitarabuta, ubuntourist : Sorry I'm in the middle of something with Sajay regarding payment from Agaric20:01
lelkneralfaronrcerna, that's fine20:02
ubuntouristACTION still hasn't fully recovered from computer crash. Haven't reinstalled NextCloud yet...20:02
nrcernaBut I'm here20:02
lelkneralfarolet's begin20:02
nrcernaand BBB as well20:02
nrcernaOkay, 20:02
lelkneralfarositarabuta, you here?20:02
lelkneralfaroit seems Colombene is the only one who added items to the agenda20:03
nrcernaRegarding the zulip organization, did you see the screenshot that colobene shared?20:03
lelkneralfarobut she is not here to say more20:03
ubuntouristSo. I see Susan's got some good news re: Gallaudet. So there's an item.20:03
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, yes that's correct. Good news :D20:03
nrcernashe sent something in zulip, so maybe she's waiting for some input20:04
nrcernaand we can move forward with that20:04
lelkneralfarofrom me, I added a search bar to CJS's website20:04
lelkneralfarostill needs some work but the ball is rolling20:04
nrcernaGreat lelkneralfaro , I like it20:05
nrcernait works and looks clean20:05
lelkneralfarodon't look too hard20:05
lelkneralfaroor else you will not like it anymore :/20:05
lelkneralfarostill need to add some better interface details20:05
lelkneralfarobut thanks20:05
ubuntouristSisyphus had a rolling ball too. ;-)20:06
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, lol20:06
nrcer_Oh, missed that :'(20:06
lelkneralfaronrcer, missed what?20:07
nrcer_It did disconnect like 2 seconds20:07
nrcer_I missed what ubuntourist  said20:07
ubuntouristSisyphus had a rolling ball too. ;-)20:07
nrcer_:-D Thanks20:08
ubuntourist(Just my usual silliness.)20:08
nrcer_Ok, so maybe we can move to the BBB, since I noticed that Colombene joined there20:08
nrcer_and she's the one that added the items to the agenda, we can start the discussion, what do you think?20:09
ubuntouristRemember to capture notes / minutes in the chat there, if there are any to catch.20:09
nrcer_I'll add them here20:09
nrcer_thanks ubuntourist 20:09
nrcer_sitarabuta, are you going to join?20:10
sitarabutaon BBB?20:10
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