IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2021-07-02

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jelknernrcerna, sitarabuta, so great to see you both here.15:36
LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!15:36
jelknerI was about to add an agenda item.15:37
jelkner!add Let\'s vote on Colombene\'s Zulip proposal15:37
LittleWebsterSuccess: "Let\'s vote on Colombene\'s Zulip proposal" has been added to the agenda.15:37
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:15:37
LittleWebsterLet\'s vote on Colombene\'s Zulip proposal (added by jelkner)15:37
sitarabutajelkner, hi15:40
sitarabutajelkner, there is no need to escape the characters anymore ;-)15:41
jelknercan i fix that15:41
jelkneri guess remove and add15:41
jelkneror can you edit it?15:41
sitarabutawell if you remove the item and add it again15:41
jelkner!remove Let\'s vote on Colombene\'s Zulip proposal15:41
LittleWebsterSuccess: "Let\'s vote on Colombene\'s Zulip proposal" has been removed from the agenda.15:41
jelkner!add Let's vote on Colombene's Zulip proposal15:42
LittleWebsterSuccess: "Let's vote on Colombene's Zulip proposal" has been added to the agenda.15:42
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:15:42
LittleWebsterLet's vote on Colombene's Zulip proposal (added by jelkner)15:42
sitarabutathere we go15:42
jelknersitarabuta: i still don't have a colored circle next to my name15:42
jelkneryou said you would look into that15:42
sitarabutaRight. I must've forgotten. I will tell you what I find out by Sunday15:43
jelkneryou should understand, as an OCD brother, how it bothers me ;-)15:43
jelknermore importantly, can you please look over the contract and confirm with louie and then give me the green light to sign it?15:44
jelknerwe've been waiting for it15:44
jelknerlet's not hold it up on our end15:44
sitarabutaare you talking about Gallaudet, jelkner?15:45
jelkneri sent an email this morning15:45
jelknerwith a link15:45
sitarabutaGot it15:45
jelknerbtw., the emails i sent this morning motivated my agenda item15:45
jelknerZulip is the right tool for all this15:45
jelknerand Colombene did a great job thinking through the categories that would make it effective15:46
jelkneri get all the checks, and deposit them15:46
sitarabutaWow! Are we ditching IRC?15:46
jelknernot yet15:46
jelknerbut i am suggesting zulip instead of email15:46
jelknerevery time i get a check and deposit it15:46
jelkneri should post a message in the correct stream15:47
jelknerthat would make the messages easier to find and process than emails15:47
sitarabutaRight. It feels like that's the better choice15:47
jelknerit totally is15:47
jelknerit would be a productivity booster15:47
jelknermaking it both easier and more effective to let y'all know what i have deposited15:48
jelknernrcerna: r u here?15:48
jelknerok, i'm getting ready to leave for Pennsylvania15:49
sitarabutaHave a nice trip, jelkner!15:49
jelknerremind nrcerna about the flier if you see her15:49
jelknerThanks!  i'll be online tomorrow and sunday15:50
jelknerjust from there15:50
jelknerin the mean time, i'll be awaiting your green light15:50
jelknerACTION over and out15:50
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