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the all knowingAll these timestampes are four hours ahead!!!34:00
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jelknerubuntourist: how are you, sir?10:08
jelknerdid you see the link to my blogpost?
ubuntouristSorry. In a phone call. Saw link. Thanx.10:27
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ubuntouristWell. That bloody-well took forever. I've finally got Konversation working right again.10:58
jelknerubuntourist: have you ever used hexchat?11:04
jelkneri used to use xchat-gnome, but the default ubuntu irc client is now hexchat11:04
jelkneri was wondering how Konversation compared?11:04
ubuntouristjelkner nay, but when I tried chats a while back I really loved Konversation11:04
jelknerunder the principle of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", i'll stick with hexchat for now11:05
ubuntouristWay back, though, I thought it was cool to turn on SSL Certificate capabilities in Konversation, and it worked for many a year. Apparently, now it's broken.11:06
jelknerbut i look forward to seeing Konversation next time you have it running and i'm in the same place you are11:06
ubuntouristSo broken that Konversation wouldn't connect to anywhere. (It could be Konversation, it could be my home setup. I'll need to try from elsewhere.)11:07
ubuntouristAnyway, I've turned off SSL and Konversation is friendly once more.11:07
ubuntouristI'm adjusting my preferences now to bring it back to the setup I like best. Highly configurable, though the defaults are okay.11:09
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ubuntourist(I'm using the BonoBoatAnchor at the moment.)11:10
ubuntourist4Random Fortune: MSDOS didn't get as bad as it is overnight -- it took over ten years of careful development. -- 11:11
ubuntouristBeer load [          |          ] 50%11:12
ubuntourist(Playing with Konversation IRC aliases I'd never paid attention to before.)11:12
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mjsir911test for the web stuff17:54
jelknerGreat work, mjsir911!17:57
jelknerI am *very* impressed.17:57
jelknerNow we need to ask replaceafill to look it over and give you some pointers on proper configuration17:58
jelknerbut the fact that you got is working at all completely on your own is impressive indeed17:58
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jelknerubuntourist: 10 am it is.19:13
jelknerbtw. mjsir911 has been doing a great job getting our web logger working19:14
jelknerIt's an old wsgi app19:17
ubuntouristmjsir911 - Now working with two virtual environments. Both your code and mine in separate universes.19:33
ubuntouristmjsir11 - Both (currently) working.19:33
ubuntouristOops. That's the problem with pinging: typos.19:34
ubuntouristjelkner - I forget: What's the state of next Sunday?19:34
jelknerubuntourist: you will find me in the cafeteria reading and sipping on coffee when you arrive.19:35
jelknersince i'm getting there before you, you say.19:35
jelkneri think i'll arrive by 8 am.19:36
ubuntouristjelkner - Oh. Right. I suggest young Jedi mjsir911 try to put in an appearance, and make his toy shiny and bright for demo Monday.19:36
jelknerdo you mean Tuesday?19:36
jelknernow i'm really confused.19:37
ubuntouristDemo Monday. Meeting Tuesday.19:37
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jelknerOh, so he is coming into Gallaudet three days straight?19:37
jelknerhe just appeared, so we can ask him personally19:37
jelkneri could give mjsir911 a ride home on Sunday, since I'll have a car.19:38
jelkneri can't come in Monday (don't think i was expected to).19:38
jelknerTuesday i could give mjsir911 a ride both ways.19:38
ubuntouristNo. Sunday: Work on project. Monday, Dragana tries out the program with me riding shotgun. Tuesday, all of us meet.19:38
jelkneri can give him a ride home on Sunday, and both ways Tuesday.19:39
jelknermjsir911: are you getting this?19:39
ubuntouristSo, no Monday for Marco.  But Sunday and Tuesday.  Yeah, I was somewhat planning based on your trips.19:39
ubuntouristmjsir11 - if not, you can read the logs. ;-)19:40
ubuntouristmjsir11 - Set the default path for your JSON files to ~/Code/dragana/Sound Advice/Presets/ -- or make it configurable outside the program.19:51
ubuntouristmjsir11 - If you go for the second, make the configuration live in a standard place like ~/.config/makeconf.conf19:53
mjsir911I'll set it default19:53
mjsir911So meeting on tuesday19:54
ubuntouristMuch appreciated. I'm not thrilled with the directory structure, but I've known Dragana a long time 19:54
ubuntouristand nothing's going to make her change her naming conventions.19:55
ubuntouristmjsir11 - correct. Talk with Dragana on Tuesday.19:55
ubuntouristmjsir11 - with the caveat that I can tell her on Friday that it's usable, possibly demoing Friday, and then finishing touches on Sunday, with a second demo from me on Monday19:57
mjsir911do you need the python2 on friday? or just a runnable version?19:57
ubuntouristmjsir11 - Since I've now got two virtual environments that don't interfere with each other, you can stick with what you have for now.19:58
mjsir911Will do19:58
ubuntouristSo, runnable, on the Mac at Gallaudet -- which is why being here on Sunday will be good. You can see how it looks in its native environment.19:59
ubuntouristMy hope is, by Friday, even if it's not fully pretty, I'll be able to generate a fresh Preset file with your program, and feed it to mine without editing it.20:00
ubuntouristI'm still not worrying about ratings, but it would also be good if I can open an existing file created by your code and edit and save.20:02
ubuntouristStepping away. BRB20:03
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jelknermjsir911: what time do you think you can get to Gallaudet on Sunday?20:33
ubuntouristI forgot to say "Back" a while back. ;-)20:45
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jelknermjsir911: you never answered my question about Sunday.  What time?20:54
mjsir911Oh we are meeting on sunday, yea at gaulludet?20:55
mjsir911I can bike, you don't have to pick me up unless we are staying after sunset20:56
ubuntouristmjsir11 For a route, you'll probably want to come across the 14th St. bridge (wide pedestrian railed sidewalk), through the National Mall.21:05
ubuntouristmjsir11 Then, at the Capitol, it starts getting a bit uglier. Up Louisiana Avenue.21:06
ubuntouristTo North Capitol. North Capitol to K Street. Left at 8th Street and onto campus.21:08
ubuntourist(More specifically, from the Mall, bear left onto Louisiana, bear left onto N. Cap. Turn right onto K. Turn left onto 8th.)21:11
jelknermjsir911: please translate ty, i'm trying to learn ;-)21:12
ubuntouristThank You21:12
jelknerah, ty21:12
jelkneri regularly road my bike to Gallaudet in the past.21:12
jelknerSunday morning it is such a quiet and peaceful ride.21:13
jelknercan we say 11 am for our meeting time?21:13
jelknermjsir911: 11 am?21:13
ubuntouristmjsir11 - Cuz it's a "road bike". At least he didn't "row'd" it, because then he'd be in a boat.21:14
mjsir911yea 11 works21:14
jelkneri rode it, to be sure21:14
jelknerspelling has never been my strong suite21:15
jelknerperfect, 11 am is on my calendar21:15
ubuntouristSadly, puns are mine. Much to Jen's (and others) regrets.21:15
ubuntouristmjsir11 You'll need to phone or some such to get let into the building when you arrive.21:16
jelknerubuntourist: i got a big laugh, so i thoroughly enjoy your humor (i guess that means i have no taste)21:18
jelknerok, time for me to walk home21:18
jelknersee you later...21:18
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jelknerwhat is n?23:09
mjsir911meant to do /n sorry23:09
mjsir911./n seems to alias to /names23:10
mjsir911well i cant say `/n seems to alias to /names` since /n is the command23:10
mjsir911I prefix a command i mean to say with a . if i cant say it otherwise23:11
jelkner'/n' doesn't seem to do anything23:11
mjsir911i meant `/n`23:11
mjsir911try /names23:11
jelknerthat did something ;-)23:11
mjsir911yea ok i guess my client shortens down /names to /n23:12
mjsir911so @jelkner, are we meeting on irc tomorrow?23:22
jelknerwe are, thanks to your fine efforts ;-)23:23
jelknereven though it still needs some work (and that work is gonna be fun!), i'm convinced that web logging is working well enough for us to use.23:24
jelknerwe can ask replaceafill for advice on the url23:24
jelknertomorrow at the meeting23:24
mjsir911That's good, and yea I think I've stretched out my knowledge of apache wsgi configuration to its extent23:25
jelknerfor now, young jedi, only for now23:25
mjsir911of course :P23:25
jelknerok, let me get back to work23:26
jelkneri'm working through the recursive exercises for the CSC 202 class23:26
jelknermjsir911: what is the url for the logs again?23:35
jelknerah yes23:36
* jelkner signs off for the night20:11
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