IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2017-04-05

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jelknerJust me and the Bots.10:43
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German_Hello jelkner 12:29
German_I just talked with Celina. jelkner 12:31
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German_Hello jelkner 12:53
jelknerGerman: look in our Google drive12:53
German_ok jelkner 12:54
jelknereverything you need should be there12:54
German_The credentials for celina's domain? jelkner 12:57
jelknerahh, that's on my account12:57
jelkneryou're right12:57
jelknerhold on....12:58
jelknerGerman_: did you get it?13:00
German_Can I use our webfactional to create her app? jelkner 13:01
jelknerGerman_: hmmm....13:04
jelknerNo, let me get her another one.13:04
German_ok. jelkner 13:04
German_Now, I know what I have to do with the new page for Elizabeth, jelkner 13:06
German_I need to finish Celina's site first and then I can work on that. jelkner 13:07
jelknerCelina first, since time is so important (May 1st vote)13:09
jelknerI'm setting up a webfaction account for her now.13:10
jelknerOK, look in the customer directory and confirm you can see Celina Benitez13:20
jelknerthen confirm you can access the webfaction account13:20
German_give me a sec13:20
German_Yeah I can access to webfactional but it says this 'Sorry but accounts in trial mode can't request a migration.'13:21
German_I can't create a mod_wsgi app because is free trial jelkner 13:22
German_jelkner, 'Sorry, trial accounts can only create static-only applications.'13:23
jelkneri just paid for it, so it shouldn't be trial for long13:23
jelknerlet me check13:23
jelknerGerman_, it should be a full account now.13:31
German_ok let me see13:32
German_Now I can. jelkner 13:32
German_Thanks. jelkner 13:32
German_it works successfully. jelkner 13:35
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