IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2017-04-20

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German_Good morning, ubuntourist 09:02
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ubuntouristjelkner, if you know lee's password, can you update the doc?09:39
ubuntouristsee email09:39
jelknerah, got it.09:51
jelknerbest to ask Rena to talk to Stephanie09:51
German_good morning, jelkner 09:53
jelknerGood morning, German_09:53
jelknerwe are scheduled to meet at 10:30 am, do you want to talk now?09:53
German_sure, jelkner 09:53
jelknerGive me 5 minutes and i'll start a hangout09:54
jelknerubuntourist, Rena's schedule:09:54
jelknerM 7:20-10pm09:54
German_he's gone.09:55
jelknerTR 3-4:15pm and 4:30-5:45pm09:55
jelknerW 10:30-11:45am and 12-1:15pm09:55
jelknerMW 3-4:15pm09:56
jelkneryes, German_, but it will be in the weblog ;-)09:56
jelknerThis is really annoying, German_!09:59
German_you sounds like alvin and the chipmunks, jelkner 10:00
jelkneryes, replaceafill reported the same problem10:01
jelknerwe need an alternative solution10:01
German_tell me10:01
jelknerwhat if i try to call your phone from my google voice?10:01
jelknerhow did you and celina communicate?10:01
German_I just send her a email this morning10:01
German_but I'll talk with her via what'sapp10:02
jelkneryes, i saw10:02
jelknerlet me try one more time to connect10:02
jelknerotherwise, we need to reschedule10:02
German_ok, jelkner 10:03
jelknerGerman_, you aren't answering10:03
German_it doesn't work, jelkner 10:04
jelknerhold on.10:04
German_ok, jelkner 10:04
German_but you can heard me?, jelkner 10:05
German_Thanks!, jelkner 10:19
* German_ is leaving the office10:20
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German_jelkner, try to find celina benitez mount rainier or celina benitez is running on google10:57
German_jelkner, her website should appear10:58
jelknerYes, it does.  Great job!10:58
jelknerbtw, German_, we need to add these websites to our portfolio10:59
German_Ok, jelkner 10:59
German_do you have the description? jelkner 11:00
German_to put there, jelkner 11:00
jelknerQuick, fix, German_.  On the home page is says "There is so much as stake in this elections."11:00
jelknerPlease remove the final "s" from "elections".11:01
jelknerit should read "There is so much as stake in this election."11:01
German_Done, jelkner 11:09
German_in both languages ;-)11:09
German_send me the description for celina's site, when you can jelkner 11:10
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German_the description for the portfolio, jelkner 12:06
jelknerAh yes.12:07
jelknerAs I think about it, we should wait until after the election for that.12:08
jelknerSince I don't want to put "Celina is a candidate" and then in a week and a half she won't be any longer12:09
jelknerI'll work on a description for the PWPC12:09
jelknerSince they will be candidates until November12:09
German_Great, jelkner 12:09
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jelknerahh, mjsir911, so good to see you!19:17
jelknerit was getting lonely here with only the Bots to talk to ;-)19:17
jelknermjsir911: i19:19
jelkneram going to setup another vm for tryton web19:19
jelknercan you please point me to instructions?19:20
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