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jelknerMornin' Bots07:40
jelknerWe definitely need to follow up on:
* jelkner hopes to hear back from ubuntourist soon09:57
jelknerIn other news, I met with mattva01 last night.09:58
jelknerHe suggested we look into Git LFS ( as the tool for handling large binary files in our repos.09:59
jelknerHe also suggested I explore JWT ( for simple user authentication to web services.10:14
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German_good morning, jelkner 10:15
jelknerGood morning, German_!10:15
jelknerFinally, he said with http/2 ( we really need to start using ssl on everything10:16
German_try to find "arlington education association aea" on google, jelkner 10:16
jelknerhe mentioned free cert providers.  i forget which, but i found this:
* jelkner tries to find AEA ;-)10:17
jelknerSweet, the top of the list!10:18
German_I need to do the same with our website ;-), jelkner 10:19
jelkneryes you do!10:19
German_but I need a simple and short description for that. jelkner 10:19
German_If you can write one for me, that would be good!10:20
* German_ is leaving the office10:34
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jelknerGood morning mjsir911!11:04
jelknerplease look at the weblogs11:04
mjsir911any particular day?11:05
jelknerit will give you some idea what i have planned for you today ;-)11:05
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jelknerreplaceafill, i'm about to email the NDI person13:09
jelknerto ask if the RFP is still open13:10
replaceafilljelkner, good13:11
replaceafillit seems a bit heavy, mostly because of the perl part13:11
replaceafillbut it'd help a lot to our process imo13:11
jelknerare you kidding? it is just the kind of thing we want to be able to do!13:12
jelknerreplaceafill, do you have a few moments to chat with mjsir911 about how to setup tryton?13:12
jelknerhe is mixing ubuntu packages with stuff from a git repo, and I'd like to do this right.13:13
replaceafilli'll need to leave in ~45 but yeah13:15
replaceafilland for the record i have never set up tryton....13:16
jelknerthat's ok, we are looking for general sys admin advice for our young jedi13:27
mjsir911Is mixing ubuntu packages and git repos alright or should I do it all through git if I don't have a apt repo for parts of it13:27
replaceafillmjsir911, are we talking about python packages?13:29
replaceafillcan you give me an example of what are you combining?13:30
mjsir911Tryton has it's own module system, I can install tryton through aptitude but sao, the web client, is only available through source code compilation13:30
replaceafillah ok13:30
replaceafillfor python apps i suggest you ALWAYS start with a virtual environment13:31
replaceafilland install the app (like tryton) there13:31
replaceafillin fact, jelkner and I have different opinions on this sometimes13:31
replaceafillhe likes the simplicity of "apt-get install python-bottle" or whatever the name13:31
mjsir911where would you suggest I put the virtualenvironment of the deployed app?13:32
replaceafillin my opinion you should start with the venv and then pip bottle into it13:32
replaceafillit's up to the server your using i guess13:32
replaceafilli mean13:32
replaceafillif it's an amazon ec2 dedicated just to tryton13:32
replaceafillthe ubuntu user is fine13:33
replaceafillsame for a VM dedicated just to that13:33
replaceafilljust try to be consistent naming the environments13:33
mjsir911The goal is for webfaction deployment, can a directory in a webapps be a virtual environment?13:33
replaceafillsome people like to set venv-py3, and so on13:33
replaceafillmjsir911, absolutely13:34
mjsir911Ok well thats easy to do since webfaction simplifies that13:34
replaceafillthat's in fact how i advise to run django13:34
replaceafillin webfaction the setup should be13:34
replaceafillcreate mod wsgi/python webfaction app13:34
replaceafillssh into it13:34
replaceafilland then install virtualenv if it's not available13:34
replaceafilland then create the virtualenv13:34
replaceafillthen configure apache to use the venv13:35
mjsir911Yes thank you13:35
replaceafilland always create requirement files13:36
replaceafillwith specific versions13:36
mjsir911But still, should I mix pip & git or go fill git?13:36
replaceafillso others don't have to/and won't mess up future set ups13:36
replaceafillas long as pip is in a venv, it's ok13:36
replaceafillthe problem is mixing git stuff with OS package stuff13:36
replaceafillif the OS package version changes or don't change quick enough, that may affect the git packages13:37
replaceafillcollisions, etc13:37
mjsir911Ok, thank you very first13:37
replaceafillpip + requirement files even allow you to use git repositories or source files as dependencies13:38
replaceafillyou can even point to specific commits or branches13:39
replaceafilland the requirement file allows you to get rid of the venv and reproduce quickly if something goes wrong13:40
replaceafillif things go wrong with OS packages, things get messy13:40
replaceafilland if you start bringing source files into Ubuntu, you may get in library conflicts and so on13:40
replaceafillyou just need to be aware of what OS dev libraries the python packages you're trying to install need13:41
replaceafillfor instance, yesterday i needed a python packages called scrypt13:41
replaceafill(for cryptograpy)13:41
replaceafillin a new 16.04 VM13:41
replaceafillpip complained that it couldn't find the SSL dev libraries13:42
replaceafillin that case you need to "apt-get install libssl...-dev"13:42
replaceafill(... is just an example) :)13:42
replaceafillin that case the python package needs something from the OS13:42
replaceafillsame for the mysql python packages13:43
replaceafillthey need some of the  mysql OS packages to work13:43
replaceafillif you're really unlucky you get into things like this:13:45
replaceafillin 16.04 is not possible to downgrade easily to mysql 5.613:45
replaceafillfortunately i don't really needed the oursql dependency13:46
replaceafilldidn't really need*13:46
replaceafillso i just commented it out in my requirements.txt file :)13:47
mjsir911Yup, source + pip files are fine as long as in venv w/ requirements.txt13:47
mjsir911What about makefiles? do you use those often?13:47
replaceafillyes, they "make" (pun intended) repetitive tasks easier13:48
replaceafilllike compiling translations in a bilingual site13:48
replaceafillyou set a rule for extracting, one rule for merging, one rule for compiling13:49
replaceafillso you have a rule for each step of the whole process13:49
replaceafilland you don't have to remember the exact command for extracting or that Babel is responsible for doing that13:50
replaceafillthe makefile abstract all that complexity13:50
mjsir911ty, gtg afk for a bit13:51
replaceafillme too13:51
replaceafillhope this helps13:51
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jelknerOne of the folks from Our Revolution Arlington sent a link to Dr. Richard Wolff's most recent radio talk22:01
jelknerHe mentions CCA Global Partners:
jelknerThe 2nd half of the program was an interview with a member of lumio:
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