IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2017-04-23

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jelknerGood morning, Bots!10:22
* jelkner thinks to himself how much more fun this place was when mjsir911 was a regular here...10:23
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mjsir911Hello jelkner!12:29
jelknerhello, mjsir911!12:29
jelknergreat to see you.12:29
mjsir911I got my macbook working again, so I'll be able to return the one you lent me tomorrow12:30
jelknerdid you see my mention of you this morning in the logs?12:30
mjsir911no, will check ASAP12:30
mjsir911Oh yea I'll start being here often again since I now have my old setup12:31
mjsir911irssi will run whenever I open my laptop12:31
jelkner!remind Quote for website13:34
remindBotwill print Quote for website at 2017-04-25 19:00:0013:34
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