IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2018-08-07

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jelknergood morning, replaceafill 11:26
replaceafillgood morning jelkner11:26
jelknerdo you have a minute?11:26
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:27
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jelkneroops, replaceafill, i'm back now11:28
replaceafilljelkner, :)11:28
jelknerdo you have a minute?11:28
jelkneri'm working on the laptop i will be bringing with me11:28
jelknerit has a latin american keyboard, and i'm still getting used to it11:28
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:28
jelkneri saw your email to mike11:29
jelknerthis is a really good opportunity11:29
jelknerthey want to conduct a vote at the meeting next monday11:29
jelknercan we help them with that?11:29
jelknerwe need to make sure it goes off without a hitch11:29
jelkneri plan to ask lelkneralfaro if he can attend to help with that11:29
replaceafilljelkner, +111:30
jelknerand perhaps we should get a room in that same hotel for monday night too11:30
jelknerso i can be around during the meeting11:30
replaceafilljelkner, oh ok11:30
jelknerdon't worry about that now11:31
jelkneri'll take care of it on saturday11:31
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:31
jelknerbut this is a great opportunity, and we need to seize it11:31
replaceafilljelkner, other than the reset password fiascos11:32
replaceafilljelkner, is there a specific part of the process you're worried about?11:32
jelknerit was crystal clear from our discussion at the sc meeting last night how important online voting is11:32
jelknerwell, the issue is going to be making sure eligible voters can vote11:33
jelknerand ineligible voters can't11:33
replaceafilljelkner, oh!11:33
jelknernew people who show up for the 1st time, for example, are not eligible to vote11:33
replaceafilljelkner, the 3 meetings attendance logic?11:33
replaceafilljelkner, we said we could handle the group manually, right?11:34
replaceafilljelkner, i mean, we can create a custom group11:34
jelknerso we need to work with mike this week to get a list of eligible voters11:34
replaceafilljelkner, and put the members who are elegible manually11:34
replaceafilljelkner, we just need to gather the info11:34
replaceafilljelkner, got it11:34
replaceafilljelkner, i didn't remember that part :D11:34
jelknerlet's get on that today11:34
replaceafilljelkner, ok, i'll work on that today11:34
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:34
jelkneri'll send an email to the sc11:35
jelknerletting them know what we need11:35
replaceafilljelkner, ok11:35
jelknerbefore i do that11:36
replaceafilljelkner, so the story is "get a 'report' of people attendance to general meetings"11:36
replaceafilljelkner, right?11:36
jelkneri'm going to ask for a list of members11:36
jelknerlet them worry about the details11:36
jelknerwe have enough to do11:36
jelknerdid you see keri's email?11:36
replaceafilljelkner, oh ok, so we don't count then11:37
replaceafilljelkner, the sc will provide the members who will voe11:37
replaceafilljelkner, is that correct?11:37
jelknerdon't do anything yet11:37
replaceafilljelkner, got it11:37
jelknerlet's start the discussion11:37
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:37
jelknerand figure it out with them11:37
replaceafilljelkner, yes, i saw the AEA mail11:37
replaceafilljelkner, i'm going to check the server logs11:37
replaceafilljelkner, but i think that person just didn't click the last button11:37
jelkneram i correct that kathryn didn't submit her vote?11:38
replaceafilljelkner, yes11:38
jelknercan she still do that?11:38
replaceafilljelkner, she started the process, that's why helios recorded her user11:38
replaceafilljelkner, yes11:38
replaceafilljelkner, she doesn't have a vote yet11:38
replaceafilljelkner, so she should be able to11:38
jelknerACTION goes off to write emails11:39
replaceafillACTION checks the AEA logs11:39
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, ping12:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, pong12:01
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I hate to ask you this question :/ but any clue when we might see mr_german?12:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i can call him if you want12:02
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, hold on12:02
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, thanks, I'd like to chat with him about Elizabeth's site12:02
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, he's coming12:03
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, cool thank you12:03
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mr_germangood day jelkner12:05
lelkneralfaromr_german, good morning 12:05
lelkneralfaromr_german, I'm the one that wants to chat :)12:05
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, hello!12:06
mr_germandid you see my email?12:06
lelkneralfaromr_german, yes, i replied this morning. the site looks good and I spoke with Elizabeth's office this morning to get feedback12:07
lelkneralfaromr_german, are you available to work on the site now or are you busy with something else?12:07
jelknerreplaceafill, email to sc sent12:08
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, tell me, I'm free!12:08
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replaceafilljelkner, looks good12:09
lelkneralfaromr_german, cool. alright give me about 10-15 minutes to organize my thoughts and send them to you. I'll send the requests over email. 12:09
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, great!12:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i know you don't need the burden at the moment12:09
lelkneralfaromr_german, I'll order the issues by priority. then you can knock them out one by one. 12:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, but we should consider using issues heavily12:09
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, go for it. I can keep adding to my list of thigs to do12:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, instead of email12:10
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, k12:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, ahhh I was worried you would say that lol12:10
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, :D12:10
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, next time12:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I can do it now. I should get in the habit of it12:10
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, we need a project though12:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, it's just that it requires a few extra steps that I'm not used to doing12:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I can create one12:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, it's a good way to track everything12:10
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i was thinking we squeeze all these "cms" non "ams" issues under a single project12:11
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, it is a better method, I'm just being lazy12:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, we all are :P12:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, except jelkner ofc12:11
jelknerlelkneralfaro, would you be able to go to arlington next monday night?12:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, something like client-cms12:11
lelkneralfarojelkner, I don't want to think about that answer right now12:11
lelkneralfarojelkner, I'll get back to you later on12:12
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, or something and put elizabeth, lee, paul flint, etc there12:12
replaceafillACTION leaves lelkneralfaro alone :)12:12
lelkneralfarojelkner, got to think about my schedule and maybe move things around12:12
jelknerlelkneralfaro, we don't know for sure if they are going to get us the list12:12
jelknerbut if they do, we need to make sure this goes off successfully12:12
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, don't worry about bugging me on this, I want to focus on this right now so any help getting a good method established is helpful12:12
lelkneralfaromr_german, this will actually probably take more like 30-45 minutes haha12:13
lelkneralfaromr_german, so hold tight please12:13
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, sure ;)12:14
lelkneralfarojelkner, I haven't read the logs yet or kept up with the email thread, so I'm not sure what you're talking about. I can put it on my list of things to do to get caught up12:14
lelkneralfarojelkner, first I want to knock out EG site tasks. then I can attend to that12:16
jelknerlelkneralfaro, is you, yes?12:30
lelkneralfarojelkner, not that i know of12:30
jelknerwhat is?12:31
jelkneri'm filling out my iww membership application12:31
lelkneralfarojelkner, oohh deep question ;)12:31
jelknerand an important one!12:31
jelkneras we start marketing12:31
jelknerwe need to put folks in contact with you12:31
jelkneron a related matter, lelkneralfaro, i listed 240-838-8674 as our phone number12:32
lelkneralfarojelkner, ive used support@12:32
jelkneri'll put that12:32
lelkneralfarojelkner, thats cool for now on the number12:32
lelkneralfarojelkner, that address goes to you me and zOnny 12:33
mr_germanACTION brb in 15 mins12:35
jelknerreplaceafill, did you see roshan's email?12:46
replaceafilljelkner, reading12:47
replaceafilljelkner, we can gather it12:47
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, nice work on the cms_only_sites setting12:49
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lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, thank you12:52
jelknerreplaceafill, can you please reply to roshan and let him know that?12:52
replaceafilljelkner, sure12:52
mr_germanACTION is back12:52
jelknerthen you could send him a list12:52
lelkneralfaromr_german, let me know when you are back12:52
jelkneraelkner's maxim coming to the fore12:52
lelkneralfaromr_german, I'm still adding issues but the most important one is posted so you can get started on it12:53
jelknerit will all be about the reports12:53
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, im back12:53
jelknerlelkneralfaro, can you please look into the link kevin just sent us12:53
jelkneryou will soon be in marketing mode full out12:53
lelkneralfaromr_german, cool. see the issues?12:53
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, yes12:53
lelkneralfaromr_german, great. thanks. let me know if you have any questions12:54
jelknerlike what micky does, making the rounds and letting folks know what we are doing is how we are going to find customers12:54
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, these ones right?12:54
lelkneralfaromr_german, those are them. just to make sure replaceafill has talked to you about the weights right? I haven't been keeping up12:55
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, yes12:55
lelkneralfaromr_german, cool12:55
mr_germanoh, I have an issue weight 9 :D12:56
mr_germanlet's start with that12:56
replaceafilljelkner, replied12:56
lelkneralfaromr_german, lol let me know12:56
lelkneralfaromr_german, what's up?12:56
mr_germanthe event12:56
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, just one question12:57
mr_germanshould I add this event?12:57
lelkneralfaromr_german, yes12:57
mr_germanbecause this a dev-site12:57
lelkneralfaromr_german, ahh good point12:57
mr_germanthis is*12:57
lelkneralfaromr_german, and then you would have to add again once we launch the site?12:58
lelkneralfaromr_german, so it would be a waste of time?12:58
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, mmm yes, I think12:58
mr_germanidk if replaceafill will migrate this12:58
replaceafillmr_german, lelkneralfaro setting an event shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, right?12:59
replaceafillmr_german, lelkneralfaro and i know it's a waste12:59
replaceafillmr_german, lelkneralfaro but we've been doing it all along12:59
replaceafillmr_german, lelkneralfaro i'd say go with it12:59
replaceafillmr_german, lelkneralfaro if elizabeth's people are starting to get serious about the site13:00
replaceafillmr_german, lelkneralfaro we should set up a production server13:00
replaceafillmr_german, lelkneralfaro i don't think i'll be able to do that today though13:00
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, sorry when you see "it" i don't know what you mean. what have we been doing all along?13:00
mr_germanreplaceafill, let see what lelkneralfaro have to say about that :)13:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, replicating content from dev to production13:01
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, adding events to dev site to demonstrate?13:01
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +113:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, we don't have an automatic way to do that13:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, but it's usually copy pasting13:01
lelkneralfaromr_german, yeah go for it. create the event then we can show it to them13:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, +113:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, is it time for setting up a production server?13:02
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, it's getting there13:02
replaceafillmr_german, we're using a subdomain, right?13:02
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, if you can get to it tomorrow that might be good13:02
mr_germanyes replaceafill 13:02
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, cool13:02
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i'll get to it asap13:02
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, mr_german i'll try to have it today if this ORA report doesn't take long13:02
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +113:03
mr_german;) cool13:03
jelknerlelkneralfaro, replaceafill, i'm hear talking with mjsir911 and zOnny 13:03
jelknerwe could have PWA ready for ORA next monday13:03
jelkneri wanted to check with you first, but i'd like zOnny to work on that13:04
jelknerhe can show up at the meeting and help people add the home screen launch to their mobile devices13:05
replaceafillmjsir911, zOnny the pwa is currently just theme work, right?13:06
replaceafillmjsir911, zOnny no additional server setup is needed, right?13:06
mjsir911It needs SSL, but other than that, no13:07
replaceafillmjsir911, we have ssl in all of our tendenci instances13:07
replaceafilljelkner, cool, it shouldn't be a problem then13:07
replaceafilli have one favor to ask zOnny though13:07
replaceafillzOnny, can you wait for my green light to merge anything to ora_prod13:08
replaceafillzOnny, i'd like to double check that server first13:08
replaceafillzOnny, i can get to it tomorrow13:08
replaceafilljelkner, other than that ^ request, i don't see any problem13:08
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok13:09
replaceafillmjsir911, zOnny it may be worth setting up the pwa work in the master branch of the base theme13:10
replaceafillmjsir911, zOnny i mean, it's would be just different icons for each project, right?13:10
mjsir911Yea i completely agree, not the manifest.json per-se but the changes in the base template should definitely apply everywhere13:10
mjsir911the manifest.json includes name of the website & icons and other site-specific stuff13:11
replaceafillmjsir911, why not the manifest.json per-se?13:11
replaceafillmjsir911, but we could populate those from settings, right?13:11
replaceafillmjsir911, i mean the json file could be spit by a template13:11
mjsir911oh can you? I'm not familliar with that13:11
mjsir911you are correct13:11
replaceafillzOnny, get my point?13:11
replaceafilli'm not trying to complicate this13:12
replaceafilljust think if it's worth the extra time13:12
replaceafilli don't want to delay any plan jelkner has either13:12
replaceafillwe can adjust it later13:12
replaceafilljelkner, deploy what we have and adjust later?13:13
replaceafillmjsir911, zOnny for reference
lelkneralfaroACTION goes to lunch be back in 30 min13:20
jelknerreplaceafill, roshan just walked into the library13:23
replaceafilljelkner, small world :D13:23
jelknerso he came to meet zOnny and mjsir911 13:23
replaceafilljelkner, nice!13:23
jelknerand shared the logo he wants us to use13:23
jelknerperfect timing!13:23
replaceafilljelkner, indeed13:23
jelknerACTION goes to lunch bb in 30 min13:27
zOnnyreplaceafill: Interesting13:33
zOnnyreplaceafill: Why it should be later ?13:34
replaceafillzOnny, hm?13:34
zOnnyreplaceafill: ?13:38
replaceafillzOnny, i don't understand what you mean by "Why it should be later ?"13:38
zOnnyreplaceafill: why adjust it later ?13:39
replaceafillzOnny, ah13:39
replaceafillzOnny, if it's going to take too much time to do it now13:39
replaceafillzOnny, it's better to set up what we have13:39
replaceafillzOnny, and be ready for monday13:39
replaceafillzOnny, and make the manifest rendering more sophisticated after that13:40
zOnnyreplaceafill: I am looking into the link ^13:40
replaceafillzOnny, ask jelkner first13:40
replaceafillzOnny, before starting any coding13:40
zOnnyreplaceafill: He will says ask replaceafill first13:41
replaceafillzOnny, it's him rushing, not me13:41
zOnnyreplaceafill: it will take me time ?13:41
replaceafillzOnny, not sure how to answer that question13:42
replaceafillzOnny, everything takes time, right?13:42
zOnnyreplaceafill: replaceafill I know13:43
zOnnyreplaceafill: I want to know how to make it work13:44
replaceafillzOnny, i'd say go ahead, but ask jelkner first :/13:45
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev13:46
jelknerACTION back from lunch13:46
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will test on it today until you get it ready by tomorrow13:47
replaceafillzOnny, cool13:47
lelkneralfaroACTION back13:54
zOnnyreplaceafill: Is the link above will help me to get what you mean right ?13:56
replaceafillzOnny, can we discuss this tomorrow?13:56
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok13:57
replaceafillzOnny, but yes, the link above shows you how to set up a url with a generic view13:57
replaceafillzOnny, and use a template for the new url13:58
zOnnyreplaceafill: cool13:58
jelknerACTION is about to reboot his machine after kernel update14:01
replaceafillzOnny, see how the <h1> is rendered dynamically14:02
replaceafillzOnny, i'll explain more tomorrow14:02
replaceafillACTION goes back to data gathering14:02
zOnnyreplaceafill: thanks for the links14:03
replaceafillzOnny, np14:04
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replaceafillACTION goes to get lunch, bb in ~4015:30
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replaceafill 216:03
replaceafillACTION is back16:03
jelknergood, replaceafill, kathryn is having troubles16:09
jelknersee email16:09
replaceafilljelkner, seeing...16:09
replaceafilljelkner, not sure how you want to handle this16:11
replaceafilljelkner, lelkneralfaro bumping the priority on this:
replaceafilljelkner, lelkneralfaro i think this and the reset password procedure would save us some questions/emails16:14
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +1 I can work on that. I can have it done by tomorrow morning. 16:15
replaceafilljelkner, oh my16:15
replaceafilljelkner, the election is closed16:15
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, jelkner I'm not keeping up with whatever elections you have going on though so i'm not sure if that would be too late16:15
jelknerreplaceafill, ouch, we don't have enough votes to elect our officers16:16
jelknerdo we have to start all over again?16:17
jelknerthat would be aweful!16:17
replaceafilljelkner, do you know who closed it?16:17
jelknerprobably keri16:17
jelknerwhen she saw 8 people voted, she thought that was it16:17
jelkneri'll call her now to ask16:17
replaceafilljelkner, +116:17
jelknerjust spoke with keri16:22
jelknerthat is indeed what happened16:22
jelknershe saw that 8 people had voted, so she clicked on "Computer Results"16:22
jelknerwhich closes the election16:22
jelknerwe can handle this one informally16:22
replaceafilljelkner, ok16:23
jelknersince we can just email kathryn and get confirmation that she wanted to vote yes16:23
replaceafilljelkner, ok16:23
replaceafilljelkner, this is a good warning though16:23
jelkneri fully agree16:23
replaceafilljelkner, that view should show you some percentage or something16:23
replaceafilljelkner, instead of 8/7 numbers16:23
jelknerwe need to keep practicing as much as possible16:23
jelknersince this is our product16:24
jelknerwe need to know it well and have it work well16:24
replaceafilljelkner, again, my fear here is that we're not good a UX16:24
jelknerso that when we send lelkneralfaro out on the trail, he doesn't come back with arrows in his back ;-)16:24
replaceafilljelkner, maybe with all of us submitting feedback we could come up with good suggestions16:24
replaceafilljelkner, but some big green/red numbers is my initial thought on this16:25
jelknerthat would flag the folks who didn't finish16:27
jelknerRed: Started Voting16:27
jelknerGreen: Finished Voting16:27
replaceafilljelkner, +116:27
jelknerACTION goes to write email to kathryn16:27
replaceafilljelkner, fwiw the election was closed 9 hours ago :S16:28
replaceafilljelkner, i feel bad for kathryn now :(16:28
jelknernp, replaceafill 17:00
jelknerso, replaceafill, i am going to the cooperative committee meeting tonight17:02
jelkneri plan to make the pitch, if y'all want to support cooperatives in arlington, you can start by supporting the one we already have to get off the ground17:02
jelkneri'll tell them we will soon have crowd funding available, and will be reaching out to them that way17:03
jelkneralso, we will soon be reaching out to union locals all over with our platform17:03
jelknerso, replaceafill, you and lelkneralfaro really need to come up with that 1 year contract price17:04
jelkneror more realistically, what can we provide for $1K17:04
jelknersince i don't think many locals could go much beyond that for "website"17:04
lelkneralfarojelkner, file an issue maybe?17:05
lelkneralfarojelkner, I've got the NDI grant on my list of things to do. I'll probably be focusing on that tomorrow17:05
jelkneronce we establish our bonafides with locals, we can move up the food chain to state and national organizations17:05
jelknerfile an issue?17:05
jelkneron what?17:06
jelkneri thought i already did17:06
lelkneralfarojelkner, perhaps you did17:06
jelknerthis is still "come up with pricing on our website"17:06
jelkneryes, the NDI needs to be done now17:07
jelkneri'll leave you to that, lelkneralfaro 17:07
lelkneralfarojelkner, well i'll be looking at that tomorrow, :(17:07
jelknerwhy the frown, lelkneralfaro?17:08
lelkneralfarojelkner, it's no fun17:08
jelknerbut it will get less onerous when you get better at it, yes?17:09
jelknersoon, you'll be able to knock them out in your sleep ;-)17:09
lelkneralfarojelkner, not really, don't do them enough and i doubt we will17:09
lelkneralfarojelkner, and they are always no fun17:09
lelkneralfarojelkner, not many people like that job lol17:10
replaceafilljelkner, are you referring to this issue:
jelknersorry for the delay in responding, replaceafill 17:20
replaceafilljelkner, ah, np17:20
jelkneri'm busy trying to get some of my students this year to attend this:17:20
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, do you know if mr_german got busy with other work today?17:22
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, no17:23
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, want me to call him?17:23
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, lol yeah I just want a progress report17:23
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, or at least a work plan17:23
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, it would be nice if a good chunk of those tasks if not all of them were done by tomorrow17:24
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, jelkner heads up I'm calling it quits at 6:30 PM today. Just in case you want to chat about something before then17:25
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, no answer in his cell, his brother says he's at the gym :/17:26
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, thanks for calling. hopefully the workout leads him to more productivity and not to need a nap17:26
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, this is why i think it's key mr_german's work should be pickable by either me or zOnny17:27
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, and viceversa17:27
zOnnyreplaceafill: agree17:27
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +1 for sure. although your hands are full too17:28
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yes17:28
lelkneralfarojelkner, let me know when you are back17:30
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, for the ndi application I will likely have to ask you some questions. I'm not sure what yet. I'll have more info tomorrow. Just want to put that on your radar as something that will be coming your way17:33
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, sure, is 11 am good enough for me joining IRC?17:34
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, or do you need me earlier?17:34
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, that's good. I probably won't be ready until later than that anyway17:35
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, got it17:35
zOnnyreplaceafill: one questions17:39
replaceafillzOnny, yes?17:39
zOnnythe novawebdev_pwa should be merge into novawebdev_dev right ?17:40
replaceafillzOnny, can you hold on that until we discuss a better setup?17:40
zOnnyreplaceafill: I don't know if merging into novawebdev_prod will work17:41
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok17:41
replaceafillzOnny, i'm thinking the pwa should depend on tendenci_overrides *maybe*17:41
replaceafillzOnny, or something else17:41
replaceafillzOnny, let's decide that tomorrow17:42
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok17:43
zOnnylelkneralfaro: are you around ?17:45
lelkneralfarozOnny, yup17:45
zOnnylelkneralfaro: the icon's background is set17:47
lelkneralfarozOnny, cool want me to check?17:47
zOnnylelkneralfaro: not really but if you insist :D17:48
lelkneralfarozOnny, lol I don't I believe you17:48
zOnnyreplaceafill: does the serviceworker familiar for you ?17:53
replaceafillzOnny, not much17:53
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, could you help me with something, hopefully quick17:59
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i need a PR version of "Due to many technical issues not everyone was able to record their attendance to some meetings."18:00
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i think you should be able to see this
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay give me one moment18:00
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, sure18:00
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, thanks18:00
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, who are you communicating with? I think what you wrote is fine. except I'd change "to some meetings" to "at past meetings"18:06
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev18:06
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, this is for the SC to decide who's voting on monday18:08
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, were you able to access the link?18:08
jelknernice, replaceafill!18:09
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yup18:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, great thanks, i made the edit you suggested18:09
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +118:09
jelknerreplaceafill, the report looks good18:09
replaceafilljelkner, ok to send to roshan?18:09
jelknernot many people signed in, though, which is the problem we have to address18:10
replaceafilljelkner, +118:10
jelkneryes, definitely, send it to roshan18:10
replaceafilljelkner, cool18:10
jelknerwe are going to want this to be a dynamic "view" of the database18:11
jelknerso that it auto updates with new information18:11
jelkneragain, it is all about the reports18:11
replaceafilljelkner, this is static btw, it's a regular protected page18:11
jelknerthat's what empowers our users18:11
replaceafilljelkner, but if the layout is good enough, shouldn't be hard to convert18:11
jelkneraccess to their data18:11
jelknercool, replaceafill, we should ask roshan18:12
jelknerbut i think this is fine for now18:12
replaceafilljelkner, cool18:12
jelknerreplaceafill, will i be able to sign in to the meeting i'm about to go to?18:14
replaceafilljelkner, let me check it18:15
replaceafilljelkner, you want "Payment required" set to No18:16
replaceafilljelkner, fixing...18:16
replaceafilljelkner, sign in button should be available at 7 pm18:16
replaceafilljelkner, i'll keep an eye on it18:17
jelknerthen we can see this on the attendance report18:17
jelknerokie dokie18:17
jelkneri'm signing off18:17
replaceafilljelkner, cool18:17
replaceafilljelkner, later o/18:18
jelknerACTION signs off for the day18:18
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, alright I'm calling it quits in 5 minutes. anything before I go?18:26
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, no, go :)18:26
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I sent an email to mr_german asking him to send me his work plan18:26
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, see you tomorrow18:26
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, +118:26
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, just an advice18:26
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, from experience i've noticed mr_german makes more progress when you hold him accountable each day or two18:26
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, like "could you give me status at 2 pm today" or something along those lines18:27
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, it's tedious18:27
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, but necessary sometimes18:27
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, thanks, yeah, I can stay on top of that. I set deadlines on the gitlab issues, asked him for the update18:27
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I'll keep pestering him18:27
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, +118:27
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, alright see you tomorrow :)18:28
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, o/18:28
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*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev19:10
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev19:40
replaceafillACTION signs off for the day19:49
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev22:38

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