IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2018-09-28

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lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, ping10:56
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, pong10:56
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I received a call this morning asking that we send Gallaudet an invoice today10:57
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ah ok10:57
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, let me update the spreadsheet10:57
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +110:57
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, done11:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i wonder if 16 hours is too much for us not showing any real progress11:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, much of this is "learning"11:12
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, no I say let's go for it11:12
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, cool11:12
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, and if there is any conflict around hours we'll deal with it more closer to when the 100 hours are near completed11:13
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ok11:13
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lelkneralfaroACTION goes to lunch be back in 45 min12:27
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ubuntouristping replaceafill 13:43
replaceafillubuntourist, pong13:43
ubuntouristreplaceafill, What's your connectivity like? I'm at Gallaudet and thinking about Senda doing a screenshare.13:44
replaceafillubuntourist, it's usually unstable but we can try13:45
replaceafillubuntourist, i mean, it drops once in a while13:45
replaceafillubuntourist, ok13:48
ubuntouristreplaceafill, Just sent the "join" url in email (from Senda).13:49
replaceafillubuntourist, "Asking to join"13:51
ubuntouristreplaceafill, Is it showing the ARA screen?13:52
replaceafillubuntourist, i think i'm online13:52
replaceafillubuntourist, yes13:52
replaceafillubuntourist, i can hear you too13:53
replaceafillubuntourist, ah!13:55
replaceafillubuntourist, yes13:55
replaceafillubuntourist, great13:56
replaceafillubuntourist, this feeds yours13:57
ubuntouristreplaceafill, when they fill in my form... they can't see where it goes...13:58
ubuntouristDoing a test now.13:58
replaceafillubuntourist, it appears under /clippr -> Projects list13:59
ubuntouristid: 3596...13:59
replaceafillubuntourist, go to /clippr14:00
replaceafillubuntourist, there's a link "Projects list"14:00
replaceafillubuntourist, it's unsorted but i think it's there14:01
ubuntouristWe see it. But when we view project, it brings us to a form she cannot edit.14:02
replaceafillubuntourist, i think it doesn't appear in ARA because is not book worthy14:03
replaceafillubuntourist, or is not live14:03
replaceafillubuntourist, i just changed it to "it's live" in clipper14:04
replaceafillubuntourist, and now it shows in ARA projects/014:04
ubuntouristreplaceafill, Ew! That defeats the whole workflow I set up!  It's backwards: It's supposed to be editable UNTIL it is set to book-ready and then it locks!14:05
replaceafillubuntourist, ah ok14:05
replaceafillubuntourist, ARA14:05
replaceafillubuntourist, Pending PROJECTS -> List unsubmitted project report drafts14:05
ubuntouristBut if you can figure out Brian's intended work flow, then OK.14:05
replaceafillubuntourist, TO THE LEFT OF GOOGLE HANGOUT14:06
replaceafillubuntourist, yes :)14:06
replaceafillubuntourist, at the bottom14:07
replaceafillubuntourist, it's very slow in the server14:08
replaceafillubuntourist, it works for me locally14:08
replaceafillubuntourist, you can modify the stage in clippr14:11
replaceafillubuntourist, it's above "Is live?"14:11
replaceafillubuntourist, yes14:11
replaceafillubuntourist, ah14:12
replaceafillubuntourist, yes14:13
replaceafillubuntourist, new attribute?14:14
replaceafillubuntourist, sure14:15
replaceafillubuntourist, they're new values14:15
replaceafillubuntourist, add new attribute and update UI to just edit that14:15
replaceafillubuntourist, if they're intreested in the old values, the UI can show it too14:15
replaceafillubuntourist, staging server14:16
replaceafillubuntourist, mapping?14:18
replaceafillubuntourist, is the mapping static?14:18
replaceafillubuntourist, great14:20
replaceafillubuntourist, yes14:24
replaceafillubuntourist, no14:29
replaceafillubuntourist, i think you asked her about them havign a server where to show changes14:30
replaceafillubuntourist, that's a staging server, and i don't htink there's one14:30
replaceafillubuntourist, ok14:30
replaceafillubuntourist, my bad14:30
replaceafillubuntourist, does she mean 2018 in the ARA page?14:37
replaceafillubuntourist, ah ok, in the django admin14:38
replaceafillubuntourist, got it14:38
replaceafillubuntourist, will investigate, but sounds right14:38
replaceafillubuntourist, yes14:41
replaceafillubuntourist, correct14:41
replaceafillubuntourist, heh :)14:42
replaceafillubuntourist, now it works14:43
replaceafillubuntourist, yes14:43
replaceafillubuntourist, lol14:43
replaceafillubuntourist, it's the facultyp option14:43
replaceafillubuntourist, yes14:45
replaceafillubuntourist, the form tries to create it again under some conditions14:45
replaceafillubuntourist, tell her i've kind of tracked it down14:46
replaceafillubuntourist, in the ARA system there are duplicated investigators14:47
replaceafillubuntourist, ah ok14:48
replaceafillubuntourist, in
replaceafillGange, Deanna14:49
replaceafillGange, Deanna L.14:49
replaceafillGange, Deanna L.14:49
replaceafillubuntourist, lol14:51
replaceafillubuntourist, ok14:51
replaceafillubuntourist, thank her for me14:51
replaceafillubuntourist, good to know :)14:51
replaceafillubuntourist, cool14:52
replaceafillubuntourist, can you ask her to file an issue with that in gitlab14:53
replaceafillubuntourist, that's the best way to not forget14:53
replaceafillubuntourist, thanks!14:53
replaceafillubuntourist, noted14:53
replaceafillubuntourist, ah ok14:54
replaceafillubuntourist, permissions14:54
replaceafillubuntourist, dont!14:55
replaceafillubuntourist, :D14:55
replaceafillubuntourist, right14:55
replaceafillubuntourist, i agree14:55
replaceafillubuntourist, it should be straightforward14:55
replaceafillubuntourist, !!!14:57
replaceafillubuntourist, yes15:02
replaceafillubuntourist, ok15:03
replaceafillubuntourist, i'll be waiting!15:04
replaceafillubuntourist, :)15:04
replaceafillubuntourist, ok15:04
replaceafillubuntourist, thank you Kevin15:04
replaceafilllater o/15:05
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replaceafillACTION goes to pick up his daughter, bb in ~1h15:28
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replaceafillACTION is back17:10
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