IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2019-07-10

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jelknerHello, world!07:57
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jelknerGood morning, zOnny10:46
jelknerDid you see Susan's email and my reply?10:46
zOnnyjelkner: good morning10:47
zOnnyjelkner: yes10:47
jelknerI'm glad she is on top of this process.10:47
jelknerNow we need to be.10:47
jelkneri promised her a reply today.10:47
jelknerincluding whether you think we can commit to a report by monday10:48
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jelknerdoes that work for you?10:48
jelkneri figured you meet with chedrick tomorrow evening10:48
jelknerand work with ubuntourist on sunday10:49
zOnnyjelkner: As I said yesterday. I need to check with chris about my commits10:49
jelknerso, my dear friend, don't delay on that10:49
zOnnyjelkner: right10:49
jelkneras you know, this contract is our bread and butter10:49
jelknerwe need to do it well10:49
jelknerso, is monday ok?10:49
zOnnyjelkner: yes10:50
zOnnyjelkner: because they are expecting hear from us10:50
jelknerdo you want me to write back to her saying we talked?10:50
jelkner!remind Discuss RAGU report due 7/1510:51
"Discuss RAGU report due 7/15" added to message queue10:51
zOnnyjelkner: I think Susan wants to test it ASAP10:51
jelknerwe want her to10:52
jelknerso we are on the same page10:52
jelknerwhat do you need to make that happen?10:52
jelkneri would say you should focus on nothing else until that is done10:52
zOnnyjelkner: If the backdoor works as kevin says, will help our confidency with them10:53
jelknerso, what's the plan to find out?10:53
jelknerdo you need me to do anything in terms of communication?10:53
zOnnyjelkner: tomorrow meeting will push chris and matt on helping with it.10:54
jelknerwhat about ubuntourist?10:54
jelknershould i send an email to him pleading and begging him to step up on this?10:54
jelkneri will10:55
jelknercan you email susan?10:55
zOnnyjelkner: ubuntuorist is more familiar with it10:55
jelknerso, zOnny, can you email susan10:56
zOnnyjelkner: me?10:56
jelknerand i'll email ubuntourist?10:56
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jelknerdoes that work?10:57
zOnnyACTION is thinking10:57
zOnnyjelkner: ok10:57
jelknerACTION goes off to write email to ubuntourist10:58
jelkneremail sent, zOnny 11:05
zOnnyjelkner: great11:06
zOnnyjelkner: uuhmmmm that email  11:07
jelknerwhat do you mean?11:07
jelknerit is classic kevin and jeff :-)11:08
nrcernalol zOnny11:08
nrcernaI read that with your voice in my head jaja zOnny11:09
zOnnynrcerna: lol11:10
zOnnyjelkner: did you see chris email ?11:11
jelknerdid he send it to me?11:12
zOnnyjelkner: He is also working on ARA right now.11:12
jelkneryes, i just read it11:12
zOnnyjelkner: what should I write to Susan?11:20
zOnnyjelkner: you know me :(11:20
jelknerso, read my email to her11:20
zOnnyjelkner: I did11:20
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jelkneri said one of us would get back to her today11:20
jelkneryou just need to say, "Hi Susan, yes, we can have a report to you by Monday on the status of testing RAGU"11:21
jelknersomething like that11:21
jelknerthen you and ubuntourist can work on that on sunday11:21
jelknermake sense?11:22
zOnnyjelkner: let's toss the coin tho11:23
jelknerwhat do you mean?11:23
zOnnyjelkner: sent11:32
jelknerExcellent, zOnny, short and sweet. You rock!11:33
zOnnyjelkner: one question11:37
zOnnyjelkner: what are your plans for the prime students?11:40
jelknerwhy, do you have any suggestions?11:41
jelknerwe spoke on the phone about that when i was in houston11:41
jelkneri had some ideas11:41
jelknerbut you seemed to have it under control11:41
jelknerso i didn't want to interfere11:41
jelknerwe are supposed to meet with them tomorrow11:41
zOnnyjelkner: they have learned a lot these days11:42
jelknerto check-in on their progress11:42
zOnnyjelkner: ah11:42
jelknerwhat do you think we should have them do?11:42
jelknerlike i mentioned on the phone, the "sweet spot" i look for has two requirements:11:42
jelkner1. They learn valuable things that make them glad they did an internship with us (we serve them).11:43
jelkner2. We get something useful from having them that us glad we hosted them (they serve us).11:43
jelkners/that us/that makes us11:44
jelknerthink about it11:44
jelkneryou have a much better idea than i do what they can do11:44
jelknerwhen they show up tomorrow, let's meet and talk about it11:45
jelknersound good?11:45
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:45
zOnnyjelkner: It makes sense.11:45
jelknerso let's talk tomorrow morning with them11:46
jelknerbut think about it during the day and come with some ideas11:46
jelknerone idea is the LibreOrganize book11:46
zOnnyjelkner: I will11:46
jelknerwhich we talked about before this started11:46
zOnnyjelkner: don't forget from nrcerna 11:46
zOnnyjelkner: I know you're learning Django11:47
jelknershe is sitting across the table from me11:47
jelknerso i can't forget her ;-)11:47
zOnnyjelkner: Great11:47
nrcernazOnny Thank for don't forget me , I would like to see how are they doing so we need to wait. And then we can talk about we are going to do together11:51
nrcernaI'm working on NWD Web site, waiting for Gfbot to end the migration task11:52
nrcernabut I think we are doing great 11:53
nrcernaI'm going to try to send you how it looks later zOnny11:53
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replaceafillGFbot, follow the tendenci docs carefully11:56
replaceafillGFbot, it explains what settings you need to *COPY*11:57
replaceafillGFbot, a existing database won't work if you change SECRET_KEYs11:57
replaceafillGFbot, and the module is not necessary in tendenci 1111:58
replaceafillGFbot, but you started the process by creating a backup of your tendenci 7 project, right?11:59
replaceafillGFbot, so you can use the backup to get the key back11:59
replaceafillnrcerna, could you please make sure GFbot reads this ^11:59
nrcernaHe is reading out replaceafill12:00
GFbotreplaceafill, got it12:01
replaceafillnrcerna, kk thanks12:01
replaceafillGFbot, cool, good luck12:01
GFbotthnks replaceafill 12:01
replaceafillGFbot, and if your configuration got so messed up you don't know where you are anymore, get rid of it and start over12:02
replaceafillGFbot, esto es como las ranas de laboratorio acordate12:02
replaceafillGFbot, estas aqui para aprender12:02
replaceafillGFbot, si necesitas deshacerte de una, vas y la botas12:03
replaceafillGFbot, usas otra, etc12:03
GFbotreplaceafill, got it12:05
zOnnyreplaceafill: one question12:16
zOnnyreplaceafill: hi12:16
replaceafillhello zOnny what's your question?12:17
zOnnyreplaceafill: djkombu migrations error12:20
zOnnyreplaceafill: I can't drop them12:20
zOnnyreplaceafill: once running migrations, it hits djkombu_message already exist :(12:21
replaceafillzOnny, can you paste the traceback?12:21
zOnnyreplaceafill: for sure12:21
replaceafillzOnny, are you migrating a tendenci project or are you talking ARA?12:22
replaceafillor RAGU or whatever you websters call it :D12:22
zOnnyreplaceafill: :)12:22
zOnnyreplaceafill: finishing what I have already started12:23
replaceafillzOnny, sigh...12:23
replaceafillzOnny, zOnny, zOnny 12:23
replaceafilldid you drop the table before migrating as the instructions say?12:24
zOnnyreplaceafill: I'm in my lucnh12:24
zOnnyreplaceafill: my freee time :)12:24
replaceafillzOnny, ah sure12:24
replaceafillzOnny, i really really believe you12:24
replaceafillzOnny, :/12:24
replaceafillzOnny, did you drop the tables?12:24
replaceafill"Work around some migration issues in djkombu:"12:25
zOnnyreplaceafill:is pastebin good ?12:25
replaceafillzOnny, did you drop the tables before running migrate?12:27
zOnnyreplaceafill: it says the table doesn't exist12:27
zOnnyreplaceafill: can you believe that?12:28
replaceafilli need proof12:28
zOnnyreplaceafill: hold on12:28
replaceafillcan you list all the tables in the db?12:28
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok12:28
GFbotreplaceafill, it works :D12:35
replaceafillGFbot, awesome!12:35
replaceafillGFbot, i'll wait for the script ;)12:36
replaceafillGFbot, and make sure the content works12:36
replaceafillGFbot, and then the themes12:36
GFbotreplaceafill, i'll take care of that once we have done this :D12:36
replaceafillGFbot, and then helios12:36
replaceafillzOnny, i see it there12:37
replaceafillzOnny, what do you get when you run the drop command?12:37
zOnnyreplaceafill: ERROR:  table "djkombu_message" does not exist12:38
replaceafillpaste the command and output12:38
GFbotreplaceafill, I remember that ne4or, its old than the current tendenci 7 or not?12:39
replaceafillGFbot, it's a tendenci 7 project12:39
replaceafillGFbot, but yes, it's an older version12:40
replaceafillGFbot, you can see the version in the megamenu iirc12:40
replaceafillzOnny, oh i see, it's a docs problem12:40
replaceafillzOnny, you're not telling what database you need to run the drop command on12:41
replaceafillzOnny, and since you're using the postgres user, the command assumes its default database12:41
replaceafillwhich is postgres too12:41
replaceafilland that database in fact doesn't have such table12:41
replaceafillzOnny, makes sense?12:41
zOnnyreplaceafill: so far yes12:42
zOnny-i ?12:42
replaceafillzOnny, you could sudo into the postgres user12:42
replaceafillzOnny, and start "psql yourdatabase"12:42
replaceafillzOnny, and drop it from there12:43
replaceafillzOnny, or you could add the -d option (iirc) to the command12:43
replaceafillzOnny, to tell what database you want12:43
replaceafillzOnny, but you may need the host too in that case12:43
zOnnyreplaceafill: -d seems easier12:43
replaceafillzOnny, i can't remember postgres anymore :(12:43
replaceafilli'm gone to the dark side now...12:43
zOnnyreplaceafill: psql: FATAL:  Peer authentication failed for user "DROP TABLE djkombu_message;" :(12:47
zOnnyreplaceafill: never mind 12:48
replaceafillzOnny, hurry up! lunch break is almost gone :P12:48
zOnnyreplaceafill: It works :)12:49
replaceafillzOnny, awesome!12:50
zOnnyreplaceafill: just at time12:50
replaceafillzOnny, no, you can finish in these 10 minutes!12:50
replaceafillzOnny, i believe!12:50
replaceafillzOnny, otherwise we'll have to wait until you leave work, etc etc12:50
replaceafillzOnny, sorry for teasing you my man12:50
zOnnyreplaceafill: right 12:50
replaceafillzOnny, i'll go away now12:51
replaceafillzOnny, your curiousity will make you greater, i'm sure12:51
zOnnyreplaceafill: thx12:51
replaceafilllater folks!12:51
jelknerzOnny, can i ask you a CMS question?12:53
jelkneringrid just emailed me asking me to update a form on the aea website12:54
jelknerbut i don't see an edit option for the content12:54
jelknerfor the nav, yes, but for the content, no12:54
jelknercan you please tell me why?12:54
jelkneri want to be able to respond to these requests quickly12:55
jelknersoon, we should ask nrcerna to do these12:55
jelknerso that she can begin to learn our product12:55
jelknermaybe even now12:55
jelknersince i'm here with her12:55
jelknerin fact, the more i think about it, the better that idea sounds12:56
jelknerwe want nrcerna to experience LibreOrganize as a user12:56
jelknerso she can begin to grok UI issues12:56
jelknerand think about how to make it easier to use12:57
jelknerso having our customers email her with content changes would be a good way to:12:57
jelkner1. let zOnny focus on learning Django12:57
jelkner2. let her learn about the front end and UI of our product12:57
zOnnyjelkner: I'm here12:57
jelknerread what i just wrote and let me know what's going on12:58
jelkneralso, how can we get nrcerna the permissions she needs to handle these requests12:58
zOnnyjelkner: we have our server inventory spreadsheet12:58
jelknerok, please walk us through this12:59
jelkneri'll forward you ingrid's email12:59
jelkner(both of you)12:59
zOnnyjelkner: it contains all the clients' information12:59
jelkneri assume that is in our google drive?13:00
zOnnyjelkner: yes13:00
jelknerACTION goes to forward email13:00
jelkneremail forwarded13:02
nrcernaOk Checking it zOnny13:02
zOnnynrcerna: look the AEA row13:03
zOnnynrcerna: the first row 13:04
zOnnynrcerna: and open the link within the "Services Credentials" column13:04
zOnnyjelkner: the edit button is within the options 13:05
zOnnyjelkner: options has a dropdown13:05
zOnnyjelkner: pages are little different from boxes13:05
zOnnyjelkner: also, we should check why you cannot edit a page13:06
zOnnyjelkner: I remember that Issue13:06
jelkneri don't think i can13:07
zOnnyjelkner: once you're free of course13:07
jelkneri only see Eventlog and Versions in the dropdown13:07
jelknerbut that's ok, let's get nrcerna to do this, not me13:07
zOnnyjelkner: ?13:07
jelkneri'm a member of this organization13:07
jelknerso i shouldn't have too many permissions13:08
zOnnyjelkner: how is that possible13:08
jelknerthat will confuse the system13:08
jelknerhow is what possible?13:08
nrcernaI just open the link you mentioned zOnny13:08
zOnnyjelkner: I wonder why is this happening. you have admin privileges13:10
zOnnyjelkner: ok13:10
zOnnynrcerna: that doc is all the authentication access 13:11
nrcernaI see that zOnny13:11
zOnnynrcerna: seek for tendenci URL:13:12
zOnnynrcerna: Hello ?13:12
nrcernaIm here zOnny13:13
zOnnynrcerna: we at Nova Web Development have only one user for our clients13:13
zOnnynrcerna: this user is called "admin"13:14
nrcernaOk got it, im going to log in zOnny13:14
zOnnynrcerna: admin has the power 13:14
zOnnynrcerna: yes13:14
zOnnynrcerna: once you loggin, you can feel the power on your hands :)13:15
nrcernaOk i just felt that jaja zOnny13:15
jelknerbe careful with all that power, nrcerna!13:16
zOnnynrcerna: be careful with it. don't be like "zOnny" messing up around13:16
jelknerzOnny, her task is to:13:16
jelkner1. delete the old application from the database13:17
jelkner2. add the new form (pdf)13:17
nrcernajajaja I'm going to learn zOnny good behavior13:17
zOnnynrcerna: mess it up but responsibly13:17
jelkner3. update the link on the web page to point to it13:17
jelknerzOnny, i have another question for you13:17
jelkneris it ok to take down the atic linode?13:18
jelknerwe are paying $10 a month13:18
nrcernahow do I get to the link you showed me jelkner?13:18
jelknerand not using it now13:18
jelkneri'll let zOnny help you with that13:18
jelknersince you and he need to become a team13:18
jelknerand the more practice you get, the better13:19
zOnnyjelkner: I'm assuming that GFbot is too busy :)13:19
zOnnyjelkner: remotely takes time13:19
zOnnyjelkner: I will 13:19
jelknerGFbot is focusing on the migration13:20
jelknerlet's let him do that uninterrupted13:20
zOnnyjelkner: understood13:20
jelknersince we are blocking on that13:20
jelknerzOnny, can i delete the atic linode?13:21
zOnnyjelkner: I'm not using it13:21
zOnnyjelkner: I thought you were using with those who follow the goat :)13:22
zOnnynrcerna: can you go to resources?13:23
jelknerwe still have a backup on heroku, yes?13:23
nrcernaIm on it13:23
zOnnyjelkner: yes13:23
jelkneri had a student using it13:24
zOnnyjelkner: heroku is hosting the atic project only13:24
jelkneryes, that's fine13:24
jelkneri'm only concerned with not loosing atic13:24
zOnnyjelkner: we can move as many projects you want13:24
jelkneronly atic13:24
jelknerfor  now13:24
jelknerand i can remove the server and save $10 a month13:24
zOnnyjelkner: ok13:24
jelknerso i'll do that now13:25
jelknerthanks, zOnny 13:25
zOnnyjelkner: 1 min of silent of atic server tho13:25
jelknerit's gone, may it rest in peace13:26
nrcernazOnny what should I do next?13:26
zOnnynrcerna: can you see options at the right bottom side ?13:27
zOnnynrcerna: click on it13:28
zOnnynrcerna: seek for "edit" 13:28
zOnnynrcerna: done ?13:28
zOnnynrcerna: ah13:28
nrcernaI mean that part13:28
zOnnynrcerna: do dyou see the contect field ?13:29
nrcernaYes, I see the link to and at the top bar I can modify the link , Im I right? zOnny13:30
jelknerzOnny, where can i find info on the heroku instance?13:31
jelkneri want to update the dns13:31
jelknerto point to it13:31
zOnnyjelkner: :D13:31
nrcernaI just clic on it and I can see a "Insert Link" , "URL", "Text to display " .....etc zOnny13:32
nrcernaam I on the right or wrong way? zOnny13:32
zOnnyjelkner: ah13:33
zOnnyjelkner: it must be within the novawebdev namecheap account13:33
zOnnynrcerna: I forgot what you need to do :(13:34
zOnnyACTION is reading again the logs :(13:34
nrcernadont worry, I guess all the "Ah" thing distracted you zOnny13:34
nrcernaI need to update the application and change the name zOnny13:35
nrcernaI just download the updated document 13:36
nrcernaI was trying to do it, but Im not sure if I am on the right way13:36
zOnnynrcerna: I'm back13:37
zOnnyjelkner: the atic domain isn't within novawebdev account13:37
jelknerit is in my personal account13:38
zOnnyjelkner: It must be within your personal account I guess13:38
jelknerthat's why i asking about the heroku info13:38
zOnnyjelkner: I see13:38
jelknersince i have it pointing at the machine i just killed13:38
jelknerso now i want to point it back at heroku13:38
zOnnyjelkner: ? I'm more confuse :S13:39
jelknerdidn't you setup the atic website on free heroku so you could learn it?13:39
jelkneryou did, right?13:40
jelkneri know you did, actually13:40
zOnnynrcerna: I see13:40
jelknerso i'm just asking where that is13:40
zOnnyjelkner: yes13:40
jelknerso i want to set to point to it again13:40
jelknerwe changed it when we had a student who was going to work on the website13:41
jelknerand we moved it to the linode13:41
jelknerbut that never happened13:41
jelkneri just deleted the linode13:41
jelknerand i want to fix the dns to point to heroku again13:41
jelkneri'm logged into namecheap13:41
jelknerin the edit screen for the domain13:42
zOnnyjelkner: It is pointing to heroku 13:42
jelknerit is?13:42
jelknerhold on13:42
zOnnyjelkner: check the dns 13:42
zOnnyjelkner: You gave me permissions for doing it13:42
jelknermy humble apologies!13:43
zOnnynrcerna: I see :D13:43
jelkneri was typing arlingtontechinnovation13:43
jelknersorry to waste your time, zOnny 13:43
nrcerna:D zOnny13:44
zOnnyjelkner: np, I am tracking my hours :)13:44
zOnnynrcerna: I see 13:44
nrcernaso, what should I do? zOnny13:45
nrcernaI just changed the name to this: "Scholarship Grant Application 2019-2020" zOnny13:47
zOnnynrcerna: I don't see it13:47
zOnnynrcerna: did you saved it ?13:47
nrcernaBut I remove that because it didnt worked  jaja zOnny13:47
zOnnynrcerna: I'm more confuse :S13:48
nrcernacan you see it?13:48
zOnnynrcerna: hold on13:48
zOnnynrcerna: are we in the same website?13:48
zOnnynrcerna: I don't see it13:49
nrcernaI mean the name of the link zOnny 13:49
nrcernaI'm here zOnny13:49
zOnnynrcerna: every time you make a change 13:49
zOnnynrcerna: scroll down13:49
zOnnyand 13:49
zOnnynrcerna: click "save page changes"13:50
zOnnynrcerna: otherwise it will not be saved13:50
zOnnynrcerna:  I will not be able to see it13:50
nrcernaOk, i did that13:50
nrcernado you see it now? zOnny13:51
zOnnynrcerna: right13:51
zOnnynrcerna: I can see it now 13:51
nrcernazOnny , what is next?13:51
zOnnynrcerna:  you need to add the pdf file 13:52
zOnnynrcerna: within the site13:52
zOnnynrcerna: to do that13:52
zOnnynrcerna: did you download the pdf file in your laptop ?13:52
nrcernaYes zOnny13:53
zOnnynrcerna: great13:53
zOnnynrcerna: do you see the top navbar?13:53
zOnnynrcerna: seek for Apps13:53
zOnnynrcerna: it has a dropdown13:54
zOnnynrcerna: within the Apps seek for files13:54
nrcernasorry i couldnt found it zOnny13:55
zOnnynrcerna: the Apps?13:56
nrcernaI just found it zOnny13:56
nrcernaApps but not Files zOnny13:56
nrcernanevermind I did itzOnny13:57
zOnnynrcerna: once you are in files page13:57
zOnnynrcerna: in the top navbar seek for "files"13:58
zOnnynrcerna: It has a dropdown 13:58
zOnnynrcerna: do you see "add a file"13:59
nrcernazOnny Gfbot is here14:01
nrcernahe is helping too14:01
zOnnynrcerna: great14:02
nrcernathanks for helping me by the way zOnny14:02
zOnnynrcerna: np14:02
jelknerzOnny, nrcerna expired14:04
jelknerbefore i could move it14:04
jelknernow i would need to pay $100 to redeem it14:04
jelkneri am wondering if it is worth it14:04
zOnnyjelkner: uhmmmm14:05 expires in 2 days14:06
jelknershould i keep that one?14:06
zOnnyjelkner: yes14:06
jelknerok, let me move that now14:07
zOnnyjelkner: that is the main one.14:07
zOnnyjelkner: we should redirect it to our ,org as well14:07
jelknerthe main one is novawebdevelopment.org14:07
jelknerbut it might be good to keep the others14:08
zOnnyjelkner: yes14:08
jelknerlet me look into it today14:08
zOnnyjelkner: because we're going to be successful14:08
jelkneryes we are!14:08
jelknerok, zOnny, i bit the bullet and recovered the .net14:21
jelkneri need to stay more on top of things14:21
jelkneri'll move it as soon as i can14:22
jelknerto our namecheap account14:22
jelknerthe .com has been transferred14:22
jelkneri'll ask you tomorrow, zOnny, how to set the dns on it14:22
jelknerit won't let me yet14:22
jelkneri think the transfer process takes a bit14:23
jelknerbut it is showing up on the list already, zOnny 14:23
zOnnyjelkner: ok14:25
jelknerACTION shutting down for lunch14:42
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jelknerACTION returns from another grand and glorious lunch15:34
jelknerhoping he doesn't fall asleep again today15:34
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GFbotnrcerna, residenciales jardines del tecana, poligono 4, casa #116:15
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jelkner_good afternoon, zOnny 16:39
jelkner_we have a question for you16:39
nrcernahello zOnny16:39
jelkner_i received a reply from ingrid16:40
jelkner_but natalia did not16:40
jelkner_i can see that she is included16:40
jelkner_so i don't know why she didn't get it yet16:40
jelkner_did you?16:40
zOnnyjelkner_: I did16:40
nrcerna:( 16:41
zOnnynrcerna: can you send a test email with @novawebdevelopment16:41
nrcernaok zOnny16:41
nrcernaIm going to do it now16:41
zOnnynrcerna: thx16:42
zOnnynrcerna: I got it16:43
jelkneri'm going to forward her ingrid's email16:43
jelknerbut i am concerned she didn't get it16:43
nrcernaanother quick question, did you see the email I sent with the NWD Website design? zOnny jelkner16:43
zOnnynrcerna: great work16:44
zOnnynrcerna: did you get my email?16:45
nrcernaI just received yours and Ingrid16:48
zOnnynrcerna: it probably needed extra push :D16:50
GFbotzOnny, did you see the new design16:51
zOnnyGFbot: yes16:53
nrcernajeff see this
jelknerzOnny, do you have a minute?17:05
zOnnyjelkner: yes17:05
jelknersharing the admin account is really not a best practice17:05
jelknerit makes it very difficult to track who made changes17:05
zOnnyjelkner: I can create a new user for nrcerna if that is the call17:06
jelknerit is possible for you and nrcerna to have your own accounts with admin privileges?17:06
jelknerme too17:06
jelkneri can't make changes to the home page as me17:06
jelknerso i just logged in as admin17:07
jelknerthat makes 3 of us using it17:07
zOnnyjelkner: we did it for keri17:07
nrcernamaybe you didnt log in because I was logged too17:09
zOnnynrcerna: I'm creating a new user17:12
zOnnynrcerna: how do you prefer your username?17:14
zOnnynrcerna: email?17:14
zOnnynrcerna: ok17:14
nrcerna:) Thank you zOnny17:14
zOnnynrcerna: did you get an email?17:18
nrcernaIm going to check zOnny17:18
zOnnynrcerna: you must set up a password17:18
nrcernaI just did, thanks Edzon17:19
zOnnyzOnny: have you already logged in ?17:20
zOnnyjelkner: can you make changes now?17:23
nrcernajelkner could yo please send me the link are you working on?17:31
jelknerdon't know, zOnny, i've been making them, but as admin17:31
zOnnyjelkner: no17:31
jelknerjelkner no?17:31
zOnnyjelkner: use your account17:31
jelknerwill do17:32
zOnnyjelkner: I want to find out why you can't make changes being superuser17:32
jelkneryes, i can now make changes using my own login17:32
zOnnyjelkner: -.-17:33
jelkneri updated the home page17:33
zOnnyjelkner: ok17:33
jelknerbut i broke the centering on the image17:33
jelknerasked nrcerna to fix that17:33
jelknerzOnny, Alysha said she sent a bunch of change requests to you17:34
zOnnyjelkner: nrcerna didn't respond me if she could login17:34
jelknerdid you get them?17:34
nrcernaI could zOnny17:35
zOnnynrcerna: great17:35
zOnnyjelkner: yes17:35
zOnnyjelkner: a lot of work to do17:36
nrcernaThank you zOnny I'm triying to fix something at the homepage17:36
zOnnyjelkner: sent17:38
zOnnynrcerna: did you get the emails ?17:40
*** replaceafill has joined #novawebdev17:40
zOnnynrcerna: it will probably will take you time to figure out it.17:41
zOnnynrcerna: GFbot knows what I'm talking about.17:43
nrcernaYes I just received zOnny17:43
nrcernaand I know all this is new to me, but I'm here to learn and make it happen zOnny17:43
nrcernathanks to you zOnny and Gfbot 17:44
jelknerbut this is great practice for nrcerna, zOnny 17:44
jelknerAEA comes through for us again! :-)17:44
zOnnyACTION steps away quietly17:45
nrcernazOnny the email you sent to set up the events I want to know about the end of each event, or should I add just the start info?17:52
zOnnynrcerna: I don't know what time they end :(17:54
zOnnynrcerna: you can as alysha but she is already gone17:54
zOnnynrcerna: tendenci places the end hours after the event starts17:56
nrcernaGfbot suggestion is to set them as All day 17:57
zOnnynrcerna: leave it as it is.17:57
nrcernaOkay zOnny17:57
zOnnynrcerna: all day will override the 4:30 pm17:57
nrcernaOk im going to leave it as default zOnny just with the start time17:58
zOnnynrcerna: ok17:58
*** replaceafill has joined #novawebdev18:00
nrcernazOnny I Think we still need the end time for each event, so I'm going to email Ingrid 18:05
zOnnynrcerna: ok18:06
nrcernaI mean Alysha, right? zOnny18:06
zOnnynrcerna: ok18:07
nrcernaI just email her, in two parts zOnny18:14
nrcerna(my bad)18:14
nrcernaI just pushed the enter key to keep going and the email did sent zOnny 18:14
zOnnynrcerna: It happens18:26
jelknerzOnny, i'm going to lay down and take a nap again18:27
jelkneri feel really tired18:27
jelknerACTION logs off18:28
zOnnyjelkner: the food :)18:28
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev21:33

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