IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2019-08-27

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zOnnyhello nrcerna 10:33
zOnnynrcerna:  are you around ?10:43
nrcernaYes zOnny, Im almost going to GFbot place 10:48
zOnnynrcerna: I just want to check10:49
zOnnynrcerna: about Elizabeth Guzman website?10:50
nrcernaI made a list of the thingd they are requesting zOnny10:50
nrcernaLet me get there and then we can talk about it zOnny 10:52
zOnnynrcerna: ok10:52
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nrcerna16I'm here zOnny11:01
nrcerna16i just shared with you the Keep checklist zOnny11:04
zOnnynrcerna:  I see11:04
zOnnynrcerna: Do you need help on it?11:05
nrcerna16Yes, we need it zOnny11:05
zOnnynrcerna: Jeff mentioned this morning about reCAPTCHA 11:05
nrcerna16we was talking with jelkner yesterday about that, could you do that? zOnny11:06
zOnnynrcerna: ok11:07
nrcerna16Thank you zOnny11:13
nrcerna16the other thing we need to learn how to do is the "pixels" thing, I was reading and it says that could do it with an iframe zOnny11:15
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zOnnynrcerna: pixels?12:18
zOnnynrcerna: not sure what you are referring to 12:19
zOnnynrcerna: ?12:49
zOnnynrcerna: done12:50
zOnnynrcerna: reCAPTCHA is working12:56
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nrcerna16Ok, sorry we was working with GFbot13:24
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jelknerGood afternoon, nrcerna16, GFbot (and mjsir911)13:31
jelknernrcerna16, GFbot: Good news, we have another small customer for LibreOrganize13:31
mjsir911good afternoon13:31
jelknermjsir911, did you get the apartment?13:32
mjsir911I did, thank you for your help13:32
jelkneryour most welcome, my friend13:32
GFbotjelkner, sounds good!13:32
jelknerbtw, mjsir911, are you coming this way next weekend?13:32
GFbotnrcerna16, is on the phone right now13:32
jelknerthnx, GFbot 13:32
mjsir911I am, arriving friday morning13:32
jelknerwhen do you head back?13:33
jelknermjsir911, any chance we could meet for dinner at Lost Dog on Sunday?13:33
mjsir911Sometime monday probably, driving back up with all my stuff13:33
mjsir911Yeah, that sounds good13:33
jelkneri'll text / call you13:34
jelknerit has been the typical nightmare at school13:34
jelkneri can't access my classroom yet13:34
jelknerso i am hoping upon hoping i'll have access by friday13:34
jelknerthen i'll spend 3 days setting it up13:34
jelknerso, grabbing dinner on sunday will be great13:35
mjsir911not going to spend the first week of the school year setting up your classroom?13:35
jelknerc u then13:35
jelkneri'm sure i will, mjsir911 13:35
mjsir911ah, okay. See you sunday afternoon13:35
jelknerbut the basic infrastructure (my desk and teacher workstation, for example), needs to be done before then ;-)13:36
jelknerwe can talk more on sunday13:36
nrcerna16Im here jelkner13:43
nrcerna16zOnny is the captcha working? if so is ready to push it right? 13:45
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zOnnynrcerna16: it's already in the prod14:30
nrcerna16thank you14:30
nrcerna16we need to figure how we are going to do the other thing on the list zOnny14:36
zOnnynrcerna16: give a min14:37
zOnnynrcerna16: I'm replying to Gallaudet customer14:37
zOnnynrcerna16: alright14:40
nrcerna16Sure zOnny14:40
zOnnynrcerna16: the autopopulation?14:40
zOnnynrcerna16: I'm checking the list14:40
nrcerna16"add a pixel for people who visit the website, so that we know to target them for ads via Facebook and online"14:40
nrcerna16I found this:
zOnnynrcerna16: I'm confused14:41
nrcerna16see the link zOnny14:41
nrcerna16that is a pixel I guess14:41
zOnnynrcerna16: -.-14:42
zOnnynrcerna16: I don't have FB :(14:43
nrcerna16wait, Im looking another info zOnny14:44
zOnnynrcerna16: I see14:50
zOnnynrcerna16: did they request it?14:50
nrcerna16They ask this:"add a pixel for people who visit the website, so that we know to target them for ads via Facebook and online"  zOnny14:51
zOnnynrcerna16: :O14:52
nrcerna16I think it is the same zOnny14:52
nrcerna16the "pixel" uses a iframe zOnny14:52
zOnnynrcerna16: alright14:53
zOnnynrcerna16: let's do it14:53
nrcerna16could you please take car of that? zOnny14:53
zOnnynrcerna16: this needs to be done on their end14:54
zOnnynrcerna16: this request a google account14:55
nrcerna16aja? zOnny14:55
zOnnynrcerna16: I will not give them my google :(14:55
nrcerna16jajaja 14:55
zOnnynrcerna16: it works similar to google analitics14:55
nrcerna16ah Ok, so we need an account of them, but how can we do that? zOnny14:56
zOnnynrcerna16: if they want to check it personally14:56
nrcerna16I would email Keith requesting a generic google acoount right?14:57
zOnnynrcerna16: right14:57
nrcerna16sure, 14:57
zOnnynrcerna16: Google World14:57
zOnnynrcerna16: I will use it for our site ;)14:58
nrcerna16Ok, I can email him today, with a brief report of the changes we made, and the 2 we have left (the endorsements ,because we need the logos) and the pixel (we need an account) zOnny14:58
nrcerna16and we can make that we he reply zOnny 14:59
zOnnynrcerna16: ?14:59
nrcerna16(I was talking about the updates) 14:59
nrcerna16on the checklist zOnny15:00
zOnnynrcerna16: the endorsements /15:00
zOnnynrcerna16: do they have login access ?15:00
nrcerna16They want a page with the Endorsements ( their logos goes there)15:00
nrcerna16No, I mean the want to add just the logos of them zOnny15:01
zOnnynrcerna16: ok15:02
zOnnynrcerna16: Google pixels seems interesting15:02
nrcerna16Ahhh I just got what you asked zOnny15:03
zOnnynrcerna16: ?15:03
nrcerna16They have a CMS , the can updated the logos (endorsements thing)15:03
nrcerna16they* 15:03
zOnnynrcerna16: -.-15:04
nrcerna16what? zOnny15:05
nrcerna16Sorry :( zOnny15:05
zOnnynrcerna16: ?15:05
nrcerna16Ok, the thing is I'm going to email him today with the report and  askin what I told you15:06
zOnnynrcerna16: sounds good15:08
zOnnynrcerna16: Unless they want us to create a new account15:09
zOnnynrcerna16: It is just adding script tags that google gives you to track it.15:09
zOnnynrcerna16: I'll test with our site
zOnnyjelkner: ?15:15
zOnnynrcerna16: The events request has to be done manually15:19
zOnnynrcerna16: unless we can take care of it15:19
zOnnynrcerna16: ?15:21
zOnnynrcerna16: Need to update the news room or have a better system for updating it.15:21
zOnnynrcerna16: Do I'm seeing the right checklist?15:22
zOnnynrcerna16: 15:22
zOnnynrcerna16: -.-15:23
nrcerna16sorry zOnny I was on lunch15:44
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jelknergood afternoon, GFbot 18:23
GFbotjelkner,  hello!18:23
jelknerhow did the day go?18:23
jelkneri never got to talk to nrcerna18:23
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jelknerhello, nrcerna 18:23
jelknersome good news18:24
jelkneri spoke to the president of the principal's association18:24
nrcernahello jelkner, I'm here with GFbot still working18:24
jelknerthey want us to do their website18:24
jelknerdid zOnny every contact you?18:24
jelkneri talked to him this morning18:24
jelknerhe agreed that he could work on the captcha for elizabeth guzman18:25
nrcernammmm he wrote me here but about Elizabeth Guzman Website, and then I got lunch and he quitted jelkner18:25
jelknerwell, perhaps emailing him back is the way to go?18:26
nrcernahe did the captcha and he is going to help us with the pixel for the website tooo18:26
jelknerbtw. more good news18:26
jelknerwe have another mentor interested in helping us18:26
jelknernice, nrcerna 18:26
nrcernaYes, Im going to reach him by email18:26
jelknerthe new mentor works at IBM and lives in North Carolina18:27
nrcernaGreat, tell us18:27
jelkneri'll send an email introducing you tomorrow morning18:27
nrcernaSure, what is his name? 18:27
jelkneri can finally get in my classroom tomorrow!18:27
nrcernaheeey nice jelkner18:28
jelknerthat's a link to our mentor's linkedin page18:30
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, i won't be on irc much tomorrow18:30
nrcernaWow amazing resume18:30
jelkneryes indeed18:30
jelknerwe are lucky18:30
nrcernaYes, It will be a pleasure to know him jelkner18:31
jelknerso, nrcerna and GFbot, i won't be on irc much tomorrow18:31
jelknersince i'll be moving boxes all day18:31
jelknerfrom my home into my classroom18:31
nrcernaOk, have fun! :D18:32
jelkneryeah, right ;-)18:32
jelknerit won't be fun, but i will be happy to do it18:32
jelknersince i'm dying to get into my classroom18:32
nrcernaI know :D18:32
GFbotcool jelkner 1+18:32
jelknerzOnny and i are going to the credit union tomorrow to setup our bank account at 3:30 pm18:33
jelkneri'll try to check-in with you after i get back from that18:33
jelknerokie dokie, i'm signing off for the day18:34
jelknertalk to you soon...18:34
jelknerACTION signs off for the day18:34
nrcernabye jelkner o/18:34
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