IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2020-04-03

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ubuntourist[m]jelkner: Flint wants to play. Can you try mumble again? See if we can get three?12:44
ubuntourist[m]jelkner: ping?16:39
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jelknerubuntourist[m], r u here?17:51
ubuntourist[m]Finishing a message to Almost done...17:52
jelknerwhat would be the best (coolest, and not too technically challenging) way to talk with you?17:52
jelknerphone would be the easiest, but not very cool17:53
jelknerubuntourist[m], i can wait until the email is done, but i not much longer than that17:54
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ubuntourist[m]Mumble is up and I'm on...17:55
ubuntourist[m]And messages are sent17:56
ubuntourist[m]abuchholz: See recent e-mail re backup of database.17:56
ubuntourist[m]jelkner: mumble is up and I'm on.17:57
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jelknerhrodriguez, click on this:
jelknerabuchholz, and i are in the discord channel18:37
jelknervoice works really well there18:38
jelknerhrodriguez, click on voice 118:38
jelknerVoice #118:38
abuchholzleft hand side18:38
hrodriguezI am putting my email 18:38
abuchholzyeah you should register the account18:39
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jelknerACTION signs off for the evening23:13

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