IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-08-24

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jelknerping inana_16 16:21
jelkneri'm on lunch breat for 10 more minutes before my next meeting16:21
jelknerinana_16, are you here?16:21
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inana_16ACTION AWAY17:47
inana_16ACTION BACK18:16
*** ubuntourist has joined #novawebdev20:17
ubuntouristjelkner, I don't have the Zoom invitation...20:18
jelknerubuntourist, did you get it?20:27
jelkneri'm there now waiting to be let in20:27
ubuntouristYep. Waiting.20:27
jelknerinana_16, ping20:27
jelknerinana_16, here is the current flier:20:28
inana_16what shoud I add? the link you just sent?20:30
jelknerwhere it says "Presented by"20:31
jelknerand the line below says CJS20:31
jelknerthat looks beautiful20:31
jelknerbut we want to also say "and One DC"20:31
jelknerthey have a logo you can use20:31
jelknerubuntourist, still waiting20:32
jelknerIt says "Susan Larrison's Zoome Meeting"20:33
jelknerso i guess i'm in the right place ;-)20:33
ubuntouristThoughts, if any?21:15
ubuntouristcontinue on Jitsi?21:16
jelkneri needed a quick break21:17
jelkneri'm back21:18
jelknerlet's meet on planning21:18
inana_16ACTION I'll be away 20 mins21:36
jelknerinana_16, are you back?21:43
jelknerlet me know when21:43
jelknerYou rock, inana_16! Buenos noches23:52

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