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jelkner!remind Consciously growing our dev team - review progress11:55
'Consciously growing our dev team - review progress' added to message queue11:55
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ubuntouristjelkner, doughnut retrieved.12:29
jelknerthanks, ubuntourist 12:33
jelkner!remind Whose going to the Worker Co-op Conference?13:03
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Consciously growing our dev team - review progress (jelkner)13:03
Whose going to the Worker Co-op Conference? (jelkner)13:03
ubuntouristjelkner, I continue to mistake you for a coder. You continue to mistake me for a reader. My e-reader says it's 651 pages. My eyes started to glaze over at page 17...13:05
jelknerSo I need to extract quotes I guess13:06
jelknerwhat about glanzing at chapter 5?13:06
jelkneri have the audio book too13:06
jelknershe talks about maker spaces and how they will transform our economy13:07
jelkneri thought it too much aligned with your interest not to share it with you13:07
jelknernever mind13:07
ubuntouristI will continue to try, but I'm also slowly working through the Python testing stuff, which I feel I can actually DO stuff with.13:07
ubuntouristACTION will be right back...13:07
ubuntouristACTION is back13:11
ubuntouristI quickly lose focus reading: In year X, Y% of Z were experiencing A. By year X+A, that number is expected to increase / decrease by Q, with an exponential curve of bla-bla-blah. Zzzzzzz.13:14
jelknernevermind, ubuntourist 13:26
jelkneri'm sorry for sending it13:26
jelkneri will try to remember not to do that again13:26
jelkneri'll just tell you about it13:26
jelkneranyway, she agrees with you13:27
jelkneryour insight about the importance of the maker movement13:27
jelknerleave it at that13:27
jelknerkeep in mind she is trying to convince young economics students13:28
jelknerthey have to deal with data13:28
jelknerbut she does a pretty good job making it accessible13:28
jelknerbut it's clearly not for everyone ;-)13:29
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm not saying I don't think it's worth something: I'm just saying this is where I am "bear of little brain" and what is patently understandable to you is more like "cleaning toilets with toothbrush" to me.13:29
jelknergot it13:29
jelknerlike i said, my friend, my apologies for sending it13:30
jelkneri'll try not to do that again13:30
ubuntouristThe stuff your brother hates, I find easy, and occasionally fun.13:30
jelknermy brother hates reading, too, btw ;-)13:30
jelknerso you both share that13:30
ubuntouristI just finished reading "Logicomix" - a "comic" / "graphic novel" about Bertand Russell's quest for the "unified theory" of the essence of mathematics.13:35
ubuntouristNot something I would normally read, but it was a "graphic novel" with some elements of dramatization and "breaking of the 4th wall":13:35
ubuntouristOccasionally the story changed from Bertrand Russel to the authors and artists of "Logicomix" sitting around discussing / arguing about how to proceed with creating the work I was reading.13:37
ubuntouristBut now, it's back to either mindless fiction, or "how to" books.13:38
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jelknermjsir911, ping16:29
mjsir911Hello jelkner 16:29
jelknerare you on the west coast?16:29
mjsir911Not currently, leaving tomorrow morning16:29
jelkneroh wow16:29
jelknergood travels!16:30
mjsir911Yeah, thank you!16:30
jelknerwhere are you moving?16:30
jelkneri mean your new address16:30
mjsir911Seattle, central district16:30
mjsir911ehh I'll email it to you16:30
jelknera bit harder to visit than Boston16:30
jelknerbut who knows16:30
jelknerat some point16:30
jelknerafter the pandemic16:31
mjsir911yep! I'll be over on the east coast pretty regularly too16:31
mjsir911I'll definitely make sure to let you know once the pandemic is over16:31
jelknerthanks, mjsir911!16:41
jelknerlet's get together when you're back in the dc area to visit16:42
jelkneri've updated your address16:42
jelknerphone will remain the same, yes?16:42
jelknermy wife would love a reason to go to seattle16:43
jelknerso we can think about that at some point too ;-)16:43
jelknermjsir911, i want to visit pacific rim national park16:44
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inana_16ACTION Away19:44
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ubuntouristGah! Page 30 includes a test with the statement "node.key < node.key" followed by the statement "node.value".19:50
ubuntouristSince I don't understand the function, I have no idea what the intent? typo? is here.19:50
jelknerit's just verifying that the node has an attribute named value19:57
jelknerubuntourist, in other words, that it exists19:57
jelknersince the ordering is by keys, ubuntourist 19:57
ubuntouristBut won't "node.key < node.key" always be false?19:58
jelkneroh shoot19:58
jelkneri would think so19:58
jelknershould be node.left.key < node.key19:59
ubuntouristAh. See? You understand the math / algorithm here. I don't. So, I could not fathom what the intent there was. Thanks.20:01
jelkneractually, ubuntourist, i'm looking more carefully20:01
ubuntourist(And though I'm aware that there is an "assert" statement, I've never used it. I'm coming at this very "green".)20:02
jelkneri think it should just be node.key20:03
jelknersince we check for key ordering in the if not None branches20:04
jelknernot there at the end20:04
jelknerthat is just for the leaf node case20:04
jelknerso we should just be checking that is exists20:05
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inana_16ACTION back20:07
inana_16zOnny, need to talk to you20:08
jelknerubuntourist, i just broke and fixed the single node test20:16
jelknercheck out the git repo20:16
jelkneri honestly don't know if this node.value is a good way to write a test20:17
jelknerthough it will raise an exception if the attribute isn't there20:17
jelknerso the funny thing is that node.key < node.key will achieve the same end20:18
jelknerit just evaluates to False20:18
jelknerbut doesn't raise an exception unless it isn't set20:18
jelkneranyway, the goal is to get the big idea20:18
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jelknerinana_16, can you meet zOnny and me in planning?20:38
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jelknerubuntourist, my humble apologies22:53
jelknergitlab defaults to private22:53
jelknerthe link i sent you is now visible22:53
jelknerACTION signs off for the evening23:17
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